How Important is a Contractor's License for Home Remodelers?

Licensed ContractorThe prospect of hiring a home improvement contractor can cause quite a bit of anxiety, especially for people who don’t have much experience with home renovation professionals.

Checking to see if the person or company you are considering hiring has a contractor’s license is one way to establish their qualifications. Licensing also gives property owners a helpful resource because most states that have licensing programs allow public search of license records. A property owner who is considering hiring a particular contractor can then easily search the online database to see if that contractor has a current, valid license and if there are any complaints on record against them.

The process of getting a contractor’s license varies by location. In some places, it’s simply a matter of registering with the municipality and showing proof of any required insurance coverage.

In Arizona, contractors wishing to obtain a license must complete an assortment of paperwork and also pass an exam. In addition, there are also bond requirements involved. The specific bond requirements depend on the particular license classification. Residential home improvement contractors are also required to provide a consumer protection bond.

Residents of Arizona can browse a list on the state Registrar of Contractors to see a list of people/companies that have been cited for performing services (or advertising to offer services) without the required license.

Most professional contractors are concerned about establishing a good image and earning a positive reputation. They realize that obtaining a contracting license is one important component of showing that they take their work seriously.

A license (or other credential) is just one more way that you have of getting some sort of reassurance that a home improvement contractor is professional, reliable and trustworthy. While it is definitely a good sign, this alone doesn’t totally guarantee a good experience, or ensure that you will be completely satisfied with the contractor’s work.

Checking to verify that a contractor has a license is a good start on the process of vetting a potential contractor. You should also do your homework by asking around in your local area to see if there have been any complaints about that company. And of course, checking with friends and neighbor for recommendations is also a great way to identify good local contractors that you can trust.

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