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working with color pattern samplesA home improvement project—particularly those that are large in scope—often involve a blend of form and function. There are practical issues that must be handled, and technical matters involving the actual construction or repairs. At the same time, the project will also involve come cosmetic types of issues. This means determining the look and feel of the space, to create an environment that will be comfortable and pleasant for the people who will be spending time there.

This means the project will require several different types of professionals. First of course you will need the building or renovation professionals, the trades who will handle the labor involved with creating or improving the space.

After that, you will need specialists who have skills related to establishing the look and feel of the newly created or renovated areas. This would generally mean someone with design or decorating expertise. While the contractor creates the bare bones of the space, it is often the designer who brings it to life and gives it a personality. Both are of course critically important to the final results.

When you initially embark on the planning of a home improvement project, you likely focus on choosing a contractor. But you may not consider how or where you will find someone with interior design skills. This is something many people don’t think about until the later stages of a home improvement project. That can be a mistake, though, as there are ways that a designer can play an important role in the project right from the very start. After all, they are often the ones responsible for bringing the vision in your mind to life, and translating the ideas you have been mulling over into a real-life space.

Admittedly, most home improvement contractors aren’t interior designers, as they will generally readily admit. However, their wealth of experience with varying types of renovation and home improvement projects can provide them with valuable insight as to what works (and doesn’t work) with the type of project you have in mind. They can also advise as to what would be practical in light of the space limitations involved. In addition, they can inform you about any safety or code issues that might need to be considered.

While the contractor may not personally have a background in interior design, large home remodeling firms often will have a designer on staff who can provide their expertise in these situations. This can be a huge asset, as the in-house designer can be involved through every step of the process, particularly in the crucial planning stages when important decisions will need to be made. They can advise you at every step along the way, and their accessibility and prompt attention can save a lot of time in situations where changes or quick decisions must be made.

Once you have chosen your home improvement contractor—or have a few candidates you are considering—ask if they have any designers on their team. This is the ideal scenario, as it will make things much easier and more efficient. It may even allow you to save some money on your overall project costs.

If your contractor doesn’t have a designer on their staff, they may be able to make some recommendations. While this is ultimately your decision, it is to your advantage to select a designer that will work well with your contractor. Everyone benefits when all of the professionals involved in this project are on the same page and are motivated to collaborate in a productive and positive manner. This will cut down on miscommunications or disagreements that could derail or delay the progress of the work.

It’s important to remember, though, that even though you hire professionals to help you with this process, you also play a vital role. You are the one who will be living in the space, and you alone know exactly what you envision for your dream space. So you must be prepared to devote time and energy to taking an active role in the process. You should be willing to spend time brainstorming ideas with your contractor and/or designer to ensure they know exactly what you want, and understand what elements are most important to you.

If the contractor or designer can provide tools that assist with creating a visual representation of ideas, such as renderings or 3D designs, that will be a huge help in ensuring that everyone is picturing the same thing.

At RW Remodeling, we understand that interior design ideas are an important part of most home renovation projects, and we have a team of designers with expert levels of talent and skill in this area. We will all work together to achieve the goal of providing you with the perfect space for your family.

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