Home Remodeling Related to Insurance Claims

Home Remodeling Related to Insurance Claims Home remodeling projects are not always done by choice. And in some cases they may also not be something that was planned or anticipated.

Times when a necessary remodel may be required

There are a wide variety of situations that could lead to sudden and unexpected home renovations. Emergencies and natural disasters can result in property damage that requires renovation or repairs. This can include everything from tornados and ice storms to floods or lightning damage. Of course, property damage can also occur from fire, vandalism, mold or leaks, among other events.

The exact type of renovations required and the scope of the project involved will obviously depend on the cause of the damage. Renovations may also be limited or dictated by what the insurance company will allow. Needless to say, if you have a very small patch of damaged wall as a result of a minor leak, your insurance company is unlikely to pay for an entire bathroom remodel.

Be diligent about the details

In cases where repairs are part of an insurance claim, your home improvement contractor may need to work in conjunction with your insurance company. Proper communication is a must, and as the property owner you should also make a point to stay informed of the latest updates, and promptly reply to any requests for paperwork or other steps that must be taken by you. Miscommunication or delays could lead to confusion—or, even worse, to unauthorized repairs being performed, which could then leave the property owner responsible for the bill.

See the silver lining

When you are surveying your property in the wake of an emergency or disaster, it can be a challenge to find anything positive about the situation. But there may be a way to see an upside, once you have recovered from the shock or anxiety caused by the event.

The silver lining is that in the end you will get some renovations that you may have already been considering anyway even before the disaster. Granted, this may not be your ideal scenario as to how that renovation project would happen, but since you cannot change the circumstances, you may as well try to look on the bright side.

Again, the specific work and the extent of improvements that can be performed under your claim will be largely determined by your insurance company and your policy terms. So you may need to keep your visions for your new space reasonable. But if your space was already a bit outdated or not exactly what you wanted, this renovation may provide the opportunity for you to have some input into making the new space what you would like.

Preparing for the unexpected

One of the worst things about emergencies is that they are by definition unexpected. This means you often need to react quickly and make immediate decisions, which can only add to the stress and anxiety of the situation. If your property has sustained major damage that requires urgent repairs, you may not have a lot of time to weigh your choices or consider your course of action.

While obviously you cannot anticipate or fully prepare for every type of unforeseen emergency, there are some things you can to do make unforeseen events a bit easier to handle. First, you should get in the habit of reviewing your insurance documents on a regular basis, and meeting with your insurance agent periodically to ensure that you are properly covered. In addition, becoming familiar with a good home renovation company now will come in handy later, as you will already have a company in mind that you can trust to make the necessary repairs to your property.

The flip side of the insurance-remodeling connection

It is important to remember that sometimes this works in reverse, as well. You may not be doing your home remodeling project for insurance purposes. However, insurance can still play an important role. Depending on the type and extent of your remodeling project, insurance issues may be a consideration. You should consult with your insurance agent to find out about any changes to your existing policy that might be required in order to ensure your new, renovated property is fully covered.

RW Remodeling has performed many home renovation projects that involved insurance claims. We know these events can be extremely stressful for property owners, so we do everything in our power to help alleviate the anxiety and take care of all of the headaches for you.

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