Pick the Best Arizona Contractor for You

Pick the Best Arizona Contractor for YouIf you are contemplating a home renovation or improvement project, you may have already discovered that you have lots of choices when it comes to selecting a contractor to handle the job. In fact, it can be a bit overwhelming to try and sort through all of the names and figure out which is the best match for you.

You may have searched online (or gone old-school and checked the phone book) and come up with a bunch of names. Perhaps you have also looked in the newspaper or checked regional directories. You may have even seen signs or ads posted around the area.

Unfortunately, the reality is that anyone can create a sign or put an ad in the paper, and it’s easy to create a basic website. Some of these contractors may be good, while others will leave you disappointed and perhaps disappear after you’ve handed them some of your hard-earned money.

This isn’t a situation where you can afford to take your chances and just leave it up to luck. You do not want to find out the hard way that you have made the wrong choice—a realization you may arrive at after you have already wasted a lot of time and possibly some money.

Your home is your most important investment, and you don’t want to entrust this valuable property to just anyone. Renovation projects can be stressful enough under the best of circumstances and can also take some time, during which a portion of your home may not be available for normal use. You don’t want to go through that whole experience only to find the end result isn’t what you want, or isn’t completed at all.

Fortunately, there are a few basic and relatively easy steps you can take to help ensure you make the right choice and avoid contractors who might let you down.

Ask around

By far, the most effective and reliable way to find a good home improvement contractor (or any other type of service professional) is via word of mouth. Get recommendations from friends and family who have recently hired a contractor to do work on their homes. These are the best sources for insider info and accurate, objective reviews about the contractor’s work and their approach to dealing with customers.

Friends and neighbors are not only your most trustworthy source of information, but they may also be able to let you see firsthand the end result of the contractor’s work. If you have specific concerns or if there are certain things that are really important to you—say, how efficient the contractor is about sticking to the timeline and schedule—be sure to ask about that in particular.

Research is critical

This isn’t something you want to rush into, so it is worth it to invest some time into doing research. Once you have identified a few potential contractors, you want to check them out as thoroughly as possible. Contact your local municipalities and any applicable local or state agencies to ensure that they have a good record with no issues of complaints or citations. You also want to ask the contractor for proof of their credentials and any relevant licenses, insurance, etc.

You should feel comfortable asking for references of previous customers, although if you have found the contractor through word of mouth, this may not be necessary as you likely already know a few satisfied customers who have hired this contractor in the past.

Get everything in writing

Once you have selected a contractor you want to hire, you should sit down with them to discuss every part of your planned project in detail. They should welcome your ideas and input, and should also be willing to patiently answer all of your questions. If a contractor rushes you or has poor communication with customers, that should be a red flag.

Once you have agreed on all of the specifics regarding your project, you should get everything spelled out in writing. You particularly want to nail down the details regarding the timeline and budget. If there is anything that you don’t understand, this is your time to speak up and ask questions. You want to be sure you are totally comfortable with the entire plan before any work begins.

We understand this is a major decision, and we want you to have the peace of mind of knowing you have chosen a home improvement contractor you can trust. If you are looking for a contractor in Arizona, ask around about Republic West Remodeling. We think you will like what you hear.

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