Arizona Room Additions Can Take Many Forms

Arizona room additionsIf you love your home but are feeling a bit crowded, you might be in need of a bit more space. But you may think you are out of luck if your lot size doesn’t have much available space to expand or if other conditions prevent you from occupying a bigger perimeter. In reality, you probably still have some untapped space you can use more efficiently.

If you want to increase your living space but can’t (or don’t want to) expand your home’s footprint, you may think you have limited options. However, this doesn’t mean you will be forced to make do with your cramped or impractical space. Your best bet is to think about the areas at the top and bottom of your home.

This article illustrates an example of how you can achieve great results by improving or rearranging the space already in your home. In this case, that meant doing a renovation on the basement to create an amazing finished space that included a play room, entertaining space and bar/lounge.

Of course, your own home addition can consist of whatever type of areas you want. Your specific plans will depend on your family’s lifestyle and needs, along with the size and layout of your available space.

In the end, you are getting all of the benefits of a home addition without actually changing the footprint of your home. (As a bonus, by not adding on to the exterior structure of your home, you are less lucky to trigger a re-assessment of your property by your municipality, although you should double-check the policies in your area.)

For any type of Arizona room additions or home renovation projects, RW Remodeling can help create new space that is perfect for your family.

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