Home Remodeling Can Be Hazardous to Relationships

Most people know that a home remodeling project can be a stressful experience, but they likely don’t realize just how very challenging this can be on the homeowners involved. In fact, it’s actually pretty high up on the list of experiences that can put a relationship at risk.

A recent survey found that twelve percent of couples considered separation or divorce while trying to survive a renovation. Aside from the general disruption and annoyances that can be a routine part of many renovations, for some couples there is also the added issue of differing ideas or visions for the project and its final results.

If the members of a couple who are going through a home remodeling project each have different preferences, and different priority items on their wish list, this can cause arguing and resentment—which can damage a relationship, especially if it continues for an extended period of time.

Ideally, you will want to hash out all of your ideas and choices before the project begins. If not, others involved in the process may end up trying to help keep the peace.

As this article notes, contractors often end up playing the role of couples counselor or mediator, serving an important purpose in keeping the peace and harmony during what (for many couples and families) can be a very stressful process.

While we don’t claim to be relationship counselors, at RW Remodeling we can help keep peace and harmony in your household by ensuring that your Phoenix home remodeling project is a low-stress experience. We can also help you brainstorm ideas for your design that can blend different styles or tastes—so that everyone ends up happy.

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