Remodeling Lets a Home Accommodate Variety of Ages

home remodelingThese days, people of all ages want to be as independent as possible, so more and more seniors are determined to live on their own for as long as possible. This means they need a home that allows them to function safely while remaining productive.

Mature homeowners want to be able to stay in their property as long as possible, and live in the space they love comfortably, despite any physical changes or challenges they or other family members may experience. As this story notes, this is called “aging in place” and is an important priority for many homeowners, especially those who are near retirement age (or just planning for their long-term future).

If they want to remain in their current home but the existing design and layout isn’t ideal for their current or future needs, this may mean the need for some changes or upgrades. Fortunately, a home renovation can greatly improve the livability of a home for residents of all ages. Some common upgrades and changes include adding safety features such as handrails, raising cabinets higher and widening entrances and other spaces to allow for easier maneuvering.

With a multiple story property, adding a master suite to the ground floor can make a huge difference in the convenience and accessibility of the home. (This is actually a popular upgrade even among younger homeowners simply for convenience sake.)

These changes can also come in handy for homeowners who are (or will soon be) caring for elderly parents or other relatives, and want to ensure the home is as safe and comfortable for their loved ones as possible.

We can create a home renovation plan that addresses all of your needs, including any special considerations for senior members of the family or any physical challenges that must be accommodated. Contact us today to discuss your project.

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