Remodeling a Wise Money Move for Homeowners

home remodelHomeowners who have been putting off a home improvement project they’ve really wanted may want to finally take that step now because experts indicate that the timing could be right from a financial standpoint.

This is especially true for those who are thinking of selling their home soon. As this CNN article mentions, 2014 is predicted to be a seller’s market in many areas, a big improvement when compared to the real estate trends of the past few years. So this is the perfect time to spruce up the home before putting it on the market. Making it as attractive to buyers as possible with help ensure the quickest sale at the best possible price. (The article adds that it may be helpful if you can be present when the appraiser visits, and point out the recent improvements and upgrades.)

Even for homeowners who aren’t planning to sell in the near future, a home remodeling project can still be a wise investment. Not only does it make the home more livable and comfortable for the family occupying it now, but it will increase the value and selling appeal at a time whenever the homeowner does want to sell.

In addition, low home equity loan rates can make this a great time to obtain financing to pay for the cost of your remodeling project.

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