Multi-Generational Living Impacts Home Remodeling

The “sandwich generation” seems to be getting larger than ever. With many adult children moving back home (largely due to financial reasons), while their parents are caring for their own elderly parents or other relatives, it’s becoming very common for several generations of a family to be living together all in the same house.

Often, these living arrangements may not have been planned and therefore may require some quick changes to the home in order to accommodate everyone and their particular needs.

When planning a home renovation or remodel, it’s important to consider not only the current occupants on the home, but any relatives who could possibly be added to the household in the not-too-distant future (at least, if you plan to keep the home for a while). This could include elderly parents or grandparents, as well as adult children or grandchildren.

The good news is, it’s fairly easy to incorporate a multi-generational approach to a remodel without negatively impacting your overall plans or vision for the space. For example, safety features can be incorporated into a bathroom remodel design so that they are more inconspicuous and don’t detract from the style or feel of the room.

It is much easier (and less costly) to work these elements into a remodel as it is happening, as opposed to adding them in later. So taking some time to think about your long-term needs and possible changes in your household in the near future can help you pinpoint any issues you must consider when planning your remodel.

We can easily incorporate any special needs you may have as part of your remodel, so contact us to discuss your plans.

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