Home Remodeling Increasingly Handled by Contractors

While an increasing number of homeowners are planning (or at least hoping) to do some remodeling, more and more of them are turning the project over to a contractor rather than trying to do it themselves.

According to the Fall 2013 Remodeling Sentiment Report, based on data compiled by Planese, more people are feeling financially comfortable enough to invest in a home remodeling project. In fact, they’re willing to spend about 30 percent of the home’s value on the improvement. But they aren’t so confident about their own handyman skills, apparently—74 percent plan to hire a contractor.

More than half of the planned remodeling projects will involve a kitchen, and many will encompass multiple rooms (with an average number of four rooms involved).

If you are one of those homeowners who wants to remodel but needs help, we’d love to handle your project for you. Contact us to discuss your plans.

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