Earth-Friendly Considerations for Bathroom Design

There are a number of environmental and efficiency issues to consider when planning your new bathroom. This can affect many of your choices, from materials to fixtures. As this Elle Décor article notes, lead-free brass fixtures are now the standard. And low-flush toilets that save significant water are also a popular feature. Environmentally-friendly tile products are a great way to add a “green” aspect to your bathroom design.

High-tech elements that promote water conservation (and perhaps even the use of recycled water) are also a hot trend on the horizon. Of course, eco-friendly insulation materials that allow for energy efficient and reduced utility costs are increasingly in high demand, as well.

In addition, many homeowners are also favoring a clean, minimalist look that’s not only less indulgent but is also often easier to maintain.

At RW Remodeling, we understand that eco-friendly elements are important to many of our customers, and we’d be happy to help you design a bathroom with environmental concerns in mind. Contact us to discuss your bath remodeling project.

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