Avoid Remodeling Contractors That Won’t Respect You

There are many traits you should look for in a contractor. Obviously, skills are important. You want someone who can do a good job, performing high quality work that will meet (or exceed) your expectations.

And of course money is another important consideration, as well. But be careful about making a choice based solely on price. Remember, you often get what you pay for. However, your contractor should strive to adhere to whatever budget you have established.

Perhaps the most important quality for a contractor, though, is respect. You want to work with remodeling contractors that will respect you, your property and your time and money.

How do you avoid contractors who lack respect? First, set up an initial consultation. If a contractor doesn’t want to take the time to meet with you, or rushes you through a meeting, this is probably a big red flag. Asking a few questions about their typical work process, communication style and their expectations of customers can also be very revealing.

Of course, it’s a big help if the contractor has an established customer relations policy that they have put in writing. Here at RW Remodeling, we are proud of our Remodeling Customer’s Bill of Rights, which establishes standards that can be used to measure the performance and the experience you receive from a remodeling contractor.

Let us demonstrate how we always treat customers with respect. Contact us to discuss your next project.

Scott Wallace Scott Wallace (757 Posts)

Scott Wallace has a passion for design and architecture. He founded Habitat Renovations as an offshoot of his two furniture store businesses, Thingz Contemporary Living and Boulevard Urban Living, with the goal of providing a broader range of design and construction services to his clientele. Scott and his wife Susie have been serving homeowners in the Scottsdale and Phoenix area for 15 years. Habitat Renovations merged with Republic West Remodeling in January of 2019.

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