Hot Trends in Home Renovation

Home renovation

Considering a home renovation project, but drawing a blank when it comes to fresh new ideas? Some of the latest home remodeling trends might provide inspiration.

Now, we don’t necessarily recommend that you immediately jump on the bandwagon of every new trend out there. After all, the best home renovation is one that is uniquely yours and incorporates your own unique style. You don’t want to end up with a cookie cutter design that is exactly like everyone else’s. However, using a popular style as a foundation—and then adding your own unique elements to it—can be a great way to get started and can result in something that manages to be both stylish and completely individual.

Here are a few renovation options that are trendy now:

Peaceful, spa-inspired elements: our lives are so busy and hectic these days that many people want a feeling of escape when they come home. Calm, clean design and comfortable, soothing elements help create a Zen-like retreat where we can relax and soothe our nerves after a stressful day.

Low-maintenance: today’s homeowner has lots of things to do, and they don’t want to be weighed down by home elements that require a lot of care and upkeep. Composite materials that are resistant to scratches, stains and other damage are very attractive to busy families.

Energy-efficient options: a lot of people today want to go “green” while also keeping utility costs down, so many homeowners are making choices based on energy savings and sustainability.

Customized, functional concepts: homeowners want unique elements that also allow for convenience and efficiency. Things like hidden storage compartments and built-in areas for electronics and work stations are extremely popular.

At RW Remodeling, we can incorporate these and any other ideas you may have into your next remodeling project, so contact us to discuss your plans.

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