Use Your Tax Refund Check for Luxury Home Remodeling

luxury home remodelingIt’s tax time again and although we all dread that April 15th deadline, there is a silver lining in the playbook of taxes – the tax refund check. Many families are conflicted with what they should do with that extra money. Some people think it should go into savings, others think it should be put towards a trip, some use it to pay bills for a few months and others think it should go towards a home improvement project. Obviously, here at Republic West Remodeling we are all for the latter, however it is not only for out benefit; we believe that a luxury home remodeling can greatly benefit you as well.


Great reasons to put your tax refund check towards a luxury home remodeling

  1. Emotional stability – Believe it or not, there have actually been studies conducted that showed people who are content with their home style, size, etc. are happier, less likely to be depressed, less likely to commit suicide and more likely to be successful in all areas of their life. Other studies have shown that having more light in your home can have the same effects. Children are also more likely to be successful at school and later in life if they have a safe and comfortable place to call home.
  2. Home value – By remodeling your home you can greatly increase the value of your home. This is why so many people have gotten into house flipping – buy a home cheap, spruce it up and sell it for twice as much. Chances are if your home is more than ten years old the appliances, flooring, wall color, etc. are becoming out of date. By keeping up with the times, so to speak, you can increase your earnings when it comes time to sell.
  3. Make space – The longer we live in our homes the more we grow into them and before you know it, the giant house you moved into is smaller than the one you moved out of. As you accumulate more children, more toys, more paperwork, more books, and so on, you start losing space to store it all. That one junk drawer has turned into three, your laundry hamper is now a place to store old magazines and your kitchen has turned from a place to eat meals into a place to fold laundry, do homework, and organize the mail. Luxury home remodeling can make a huge difference on the amount of space in your home, even without adding on. Republic West Remodeling focuses a lot of functionality because without function, there is no sanity.
  4. Entertainment – Now when you have people over you can be proud to show off your beautiful new home. You will be the envy of the mom group with your new oak cabinets, the leader of the dads club with your new man cave and the coolest parents with your awesomely themed new playroom.


Are you still fighting over where the tax refund should go? Let me help you justify your decision: a luxury home remodeling is not just a luxury; it is a smart financial decision that can increase your happiness, increase organization and, when it’s time to sell, it will increase your profit.

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