Transform Your Home with Luxury Home Remodeling

luxury home remodelingRemodeling your home can truly change your life. It can provide more space, give you a more inviting place to relax, provide a comfortable place for visitors and give your children a warm place to grow up. It can turn an old, non-functional space into a luxurious, organized and operational space. Many of our customers at Republic West Remodeling feel like they have moved into a new home when we are finished with their luxury home remodeling.

Top three reasons people choose to do luxury home remodeling

  1. Space – One of the biggest complaints among homeowners is that they do not have enough space in their home. Whether it’s that the kitchen is too small, there aren’t enough rooms or there isn’t enough storage space. No matter what the issue, we specialize in providing more space for our customers. We can add rooms, turn two rooms into one, remove walls that can make your home feel smaller and much more. We can also help you not just add more storage space but maximize your storage space by making it more fitting for your lifestyle.
  2. Functionality – Along with space, functionality is a huge problem. This can refer to storage space, the way rooms are laid out, the location of bathrooms, the location of light switches and outlets, etc. Sometimes, especially in “cookie cutter” homes the builder has so many homes to design and build they forget to think about function. Another problem is that with older homes, functionality meant something different during the period in which it was built. With  luxury home remodeling, we want to make your home functional not just to keep up with the world but to form to the way you live in your home.
  3. Aesthetics – Are you sick of looking at stained carpet, outdated wallpaper, chipped paint or walls that have been drawn on? Aesthetics is a huge factor in luxury home remodeling. Not only do you want your home to be a beautiful place to come home to, you also want to feel proud to show it off to company. At Republic West Remodeling our interior design team will work one on one with you to design the perfect look for your new home. We go over all of your choices and help you make the best decision. We will also help you coordinate colors, textures and patterns that will flow well not only in each separate area, but with the rest of your home as well.

Our mission is to make all of our customers’ dreams come true. Our experience and passion for excellence sets us apart from the rest of the industry, which is why our return customer rate is about 45% more than the industry average. Whether you are looking for more space, better function or a more luxurious look and feel, Republic West Remodeling can make it happen.

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