Adapting to Home Improvement in Phoenix – Part 1

make-overWhen it comes to home improvement in Phoenix, homeowners often make their decisions based on two things:  what will enhance their living space and which project will provide the biggest return on investment.  The decision today is a little more complex given the meltdown of the real estate market across the country.  Unless you’re a first-time homeowner with excellent credit-worthiness, you may find it difficult to buy and/or sell.

For example, even if your credit is stellar and you could qualify for a new home mortgage, you have to sell your current residence.  Although it’s not impossible, it is certainly more difficult given the flood of foreclosures and short-sales on the market.  In addition, you may not get a reasonable offer on your current home.  Many homeowners in the Phoenix area are even under-water, meaning they owe more on their home than they are worth.

So what do you do if your current home no longer serves your needs?  What if you’ve outgrown your house and need more space?  What if your bathroom and kitchen are outdated?

Home improvement in Phoenix is a viable option and one many homeowners select. Turning your existing residence into your dream home can be an enjoyable experience.  And, you can even benefit from your investment financially should you decide to sell at some point in the future.

Why Home Improvement in Phoenix Makes Sense

Given the challenges of moving for existing homeowners, home improvement in Phoenix becomes an attractive option.  Depending on your budget, you can make your home exactly what you want and need.  Projects range from creating an outdoor living space, expanding to include a new room, remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, or any number of other home improvement projects.

According to industry experts, the top projects for home improvement in Phoenix include kitchen and bath remodeling.  The National Association of Home Builders completed a survey in 2012 regarding remodeling.  The survey found that almost 50 percent of remodeling companies report an increase in the number of homeowners who want to renovate since the organization’s previous survey in 2010.  These homeowners reported a much greater desire to remodel instead of move.

The survey also noted kitchen and bathroom remodeling increased 17 percent since the last survey.  In both the 2010 and 2012 surveys, bathroom remodeling remains the top renovation project for homeowners.

In part two of the series we will reveal other interesting findings and the motivation behind homeowners undergoing a home improvement in Phoenix. For additional information on home improvement, contact Republic West Remodeling today.

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