Home Design in Arizona: Renovate or Relocate? – Part 2

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home_design_in_arizonaGiven the economic turbulence of the past several years, homeowners are looking to home design in Arizona rather than moving to a new house.  It’s been a catch-22 for many homeowners.  They want to upgrade so they have new space and features that better meet their requirements.  Falling home prices and interest rates make buying a new home enticing.

Popular Options for Home Design in Arizona

The following are some ideas to turn your existing house into your dream home:

  • Room Additions.  If you plan to stay in your house for a longer period of time, you may find it worthwhile to add a room if you need more space.  Trendy home design in Arizona includes outdoor living spaces, bedrooms, baths, in-law suites and offices.
  • Room Remodels.  Kitchens and baths are prime candidates for new home design in Arizona.  Master baths are moving to more spa-like rooms.  Kitchens are being upgraded for better entertaining.  These two rooms represent a main driver for homeowners to move to a new house.  However, a sound analysis can be conducted to demonstrate the lifestyle and financial advantages.
  • Exterior Upgrades.  Curb appeal is always a motivator for home design in Arizona.  Renovating entry ways is a common choice to enhance how a home looks.  Adding enhancements to the home’s design with special architectural features is also an option.

With a depressed real estate market, it’s challenging to sell your home and get a good return on your investment.  Instead, an increasing number of homeowners are opting to renovate their existing homes.  They believe a remodeling investment is smarter given current market conditions.  And when the market recovers, they better positioned to make money if they choose to sell.

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