Home Remodeling in Phoenix: Senior Living

As homeowners grow older, successful home remodeling in Phoenix may determine whether you stay in your home or have to move to an assisted care facility.  In the past, not much consideration was given to this topic.  However, as people plan to stay in their homes longer, they start to look at how the home is currently designed and how it may hinder movement as they age.

Unless you’re planning to move soon, you should take a careful look at your current home and make plans for adapting it to fit your needs as you become older.  Your focus should be on safety with the goal of allowing you to live independently for as long as possible.

If you start early and adopt a long-term approach, you’re likely to get the most bang for your buck.  You can consider home remodeling in Phoenix as an opportunity to make your home conducive for your senior years.

Examples of Senior-Friendly Home Remodeling in Phoenix

The goals for your home remodeling in Phoenix should always consider your future use and needs.  If you’re years away from retirement, you may not be as concerned about remodeling for long-term independence.  But, it certainly won’t hurt to consider options, even if you’re not sure you’ll stay in your current home.

For example, if you’ve got a front sidewalk that’s breaking up and you know you’ll need to replace it soon, you may want to think bigger.  What about eliminating the steps in front of your home?  If you replace your current sidewalk with a beautiful, winding walkway the slopes up to your front door, you may not need your steps.

Too often people think that accommodating their homes for senior living means incorporating wheelchair ramps and the like.  However, you can make home remodeling in Phoenix include features that are totally functional and beautiful both now and into the long-term future.  The key is to plan ahead.

Take a hard look at mobility issues in your home.  What design features currently exist that may not be a problem for you now, but could be a significant hindrance as you age?  Just like your outdoor walkway and stairs, consider your stairs inside the home.  Will you be able to easily navigate through your house as you become less mobile?

When considering home remodeling in Phoenix, always look first at your mobility issues, specifically the stairs within your house.  Even if you aren’t, or don’t plan to be, in a wheelchair, you can still be hindered by stairs.  Your home remodeling projects need to consider navigation without stairs.

Wheelchairs aren’t the only items that need to use flat surfaces.  Think about wheeling your luggage from the car, your grandkids in a stroller, your groceries in a cart.  First and foremost, you want to be safe while doing your daily tasks.  And, as you age, you want to make things easier on your body.

Consider Rearranging Rooms with Home Remodeling in Phoenix

With the focus on long-term independence, you may have to consider creating new space that’s more conveniently accessed.  For example, if your laundry room is outside in a separate room, in the garage or in a basement, accessing this space can become increasingly difficult.  So, you may want to create space on one level inside your home for all of your routine tasks.

You may also want to re-think a second-floor bedroom.  If you have extra space downstairs, you can consider creating another master bedroom that’s close to your kitchen.  In addition, many homes only have a half-bath on the first floor.  You may want to do home remodeling in Phoenix that extends your first floor half-bath to a full bath.

Last, think about your hallways.  If they’re too narrow as is common in older homes, you should consider home remodeling in Phoenix that opens up your interior space.  Then, you’ll be able to navigate more safely for many years to come.

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