Arizona Room Additions: Guidelines for a Successful Project (Part 2 of 2)

This is the final part in a two part series. Click here to read part one.

If you need more space, Arizona room additions might present a viable option.  In fact, expanding your existing home, in many cases, is less expensive and easier than moving to a new home.  By paying attention to a few important guidelines, you’ll be able to avoid wasting time and money, as well as causing your family major grief.

Consider Resale Value.  If you’re adding a room for your own benefit and expect to stay in your home indefinitely, resale value may not be at the top of your concerns.  But, if you don’t expect to stay in your home for an extended period, it’s a good idea to talk to a realtor or appraiser.

Room additions are not all created equal.  So make sure you know what your project will add in terms of resale value in the event you sell your home.

Understand the complexities.  In essence, Arizona room additions equate to building a mini-house.  Think about it.  An additional room will need all, or most, of the same features as your home:  foundation, footers, framing, zoning and permitting, HVAC, plumbing, flooring, electrical, windows, doors and finishing touches.

Arizona room additions can be fun, exciting and provide you with your true dream home.  And, they’re generally cheaper than buying a new home.  Consider the cost to buy a comparable square footage home to your existing home plus the room addition.  Don’t forget to add in new mortgage expenses, such as closing costs.  And, determine the true cost of moving.

You’ll often find a room addition to be a good choice, if you must have the extra space.  Plus, the room addition is all your creation.  You can choose exactly what you want and enjoy it for years to come.

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