Phoenix Home Remodeling Company: What to Expect Before You Get Started on a Home Remodeling Project (Part 3 of 4)

This blog post is the third of a 4-part series that will describe what to expect when starting on a home remodeling.



Demolition.  During this phase, your space is stripped of items not to be included in your final space.  You can expect several workers on-site during this process.  You’ll also find the internal workings of your home exposed.


A quality remodeling contractor will go to great lengths to protect your home and possessions during the entire project.  However, dust is an automatic by-product of construction work and your contractor will not be able to eliminate it entirely.  If your project is extensive, you’ll probably have a dumpster on your property as well.


As the project progresses, you may experience some outages to your electrical and plumbing services.  If planned for properly, these outages should be short in duration and you should know exactly when they will occur.


Site Work.  If concrete work is required for your project, it will begin at this point.  You can expect large machinery to be used at the remodeling site.


Framing begins next and you can see the skeleton of your project.  Any changes to your original design need to be made before the project gets any further along.  You don’t want to relocate a wall after it’s been completely installed.  Keep in mind you’ll be adding cost to your project with each change you make.


Finally, if your project requires county or city permitting, the first inspection typically takes place after framing is completed.


Mechanical Installations.  After any concrete work and framing, your project will move to plumbing, electrical, HVAC and other mechanical work as required.  This work is generally done by subcontractors and you can expect several permitting inspections during this phase.  Mechanical installations are fairly time consuming.




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