Paradise Valley Home Remodeling Contractor – Part 2

In part 1 of this blog post we discussed the project development and pre-construction planning goals of a reputable Paradise Valley home remodeling contractor. In this blog post we will continue to discuss the business model of a reputable remodeling contractor by examining project construction and execution goals.


Project Construction & Execution

The project construction and execution goal of a remodeling contractor should be to complete a project as sold, as dreamed of, as envisioned, and as planned. It should also be the goal to complete the project in a timeframe that minimizes the inconvenience to the customer and their family.


The process should start with an absolute handoff of the role of trusted advisor from pre-

construction planning to the Project Manager of the customer’s project. The Project

Manager should be completely briefed on the project, all of its nuances, and the construction plan. The Project Manager should then meet with the customer, establish guidelines for the work, and most importantly set up daily lines of communication.


The Paradise Valley home remodeling contractor should assign a Project Foreman to every project. This person should be an employee of the home remodeling contractor and have experience as a carpenter and lead foreman in residential remodeling.


The remodeling contractor should also offer an in-house support team including a division administrator and purchasing department, and a team to assist in any changes to the project that may occur.


The Paradise Valley home remodeling contractor should also continue to offer its concierge service during execution. This should include the expediting and tracking of product the customer is supplying and the pick up and delivery of such product to ensure it is on site as needed to maintain a projects timeline.


The Paradise Valley home remodeling contractor should also have its own in-house top out team to conclude the final details of a project. These may include the hooking up of appliances and plumbing fixtures, the installation of bath accessories, and the execution of any final punch list. This is part of the planning process and ensures the customer is not left unfinished with just a few items remaining.


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