Pre-Construction Planning With a Phoenix Home Remodeling Contractor

This blog post will discuss what to expect from a Phoenix home remodeling contractor in the pre-construction planning process of a home remodeling project. It will provide a step-by-step process of the pre-construction planning phase of a home remodeling project and discuss what you should expect from your Phoenix home remodeling contractor in terms of pre-construction planning.


When you contact a reputable Phoenix home remodeling contractor, an initial meeting will be scheduled between you and a sales/design consultants. These sales/design consultants are commonly very experienced in residential remodeling and will guide you through this initial process. This meeting will start with getting a clear understanding of where your frustration lies in your home and what you are hoping to accomplish. Concerns and wishes will be addressed such as spatial concerns, practical concerns in terms of use of the living space such as furniture layout, lighting, aesthetic goals, color, mood, product ideas, timetables, execution process, and a complete discussion of budgets and projected costs.


This meeting will also entail a great deal of creative dialogue. This is a good time to share photos, sketches, or magazines that may have inspired you. With their experience, these professional design consultants want to help guide you through the creative process. They have a clear understanding of costs at all phases of the project and will not take you down a path that is not in line with your economic reality. At the conclusion of this meeting, an understanding of everyone’s expectations are absolutely clear. You and the Phoenix home remodeling contractor should have an agreed upon budget range, clear design and function goals and a timetable to move forward. No money should exchange hands at this point.


Next, the Phoenix home remodeling contractor’s design consultants will sit down with the in-house design department to create color and 3D conceptual computer renderings to help you visualize your finished project. This process will occur within a few days from your initial meeting.

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