A Quality Arizona Home Remodeling Company’s Process, Part 2

In part 1 of this blog post we discussed the importance of choosing a quality Arizona home remodeling company with a remodeling process that covers design and visualization, cost certainty and time certainty. In this blog post we will further examine the cost certainty and time certainty aspects of a quality Arizona home remodeling company’s process.


Cost Certainty
The number one remodeling nightmare is that the final cost on a home remodeling project has little resemblance to the upfront cost that was presented when the initial contract was signed.  We call this “cost creep.” If your budget is not handled correctly, cost creep will become an absolute fact of your remodeling project.


Choose a Scottsdale home remodeling company that provides a breakdown of every line item, giving each customer Cost Certainty:


  • The contractor should utilize extensive attention to detail during the design process so all costs can be determined up front; not using the allowance model that opens the door to “cost creep” during construction.
  • The Scottsdale home remodeling company should have great respect for budgets.  This requires honest communication during the design process, so the balance between your dream and your budget can be met.
  • The contractor should have a true and real understanding of actual (not estimated) costs, so when a contract is offered, the amount on the signed contract will be the same or very close to the cost at the conclusion of the project.


Time Certainty

If cost variance is the number one remodeling nightmare, the never-ending project is clearly number two.  A home remodeling customer should have a clear projection of how long actual construction and execution should take, from the very start of the process.  Remodeling is never painless and always difficult, but all parties should agree on a definitive plan that can be achieved.


Choose a Scottsdale home remodeling company that strives to keep your inconvenience to an absolute minimum, through what we call Time Certainty:


  • The contractor should ensure that great attention to detail was achieved during the design phase and set a timeline to execute, not just as a guideline.
  • The contractor should use an extensive planning process before execution to ensure all details can be executed as sold.
  • The contractor should utilize a daily communication system to address issues in a timely and effective manner.


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