What to Consider When Hiring A Contractor for a Room Addition

A room addition is a highly involved project that requires commitment, expertise, and patience. When you hire a room addition contractor, you need a professional who can accurately plan the design, demolition, construction, and also get the right permits and inspections that will allow you to make future insurance claims. This kind of residential contractor is more professional than a handyman and is critical to creating a quality room addition that will improve your home’s safety and value.

The truth is that not every contractor can operate on the level necessary to execute a large-scale project like a home addition. This kind of project requires a team of professionals who can set up, plan, and work out the design and technical details so that you can have your plans approved, and your room addition built correctly.

Here’s what to consider when hiring a contractor for a room addition:

Do They Meet Building Codes and Obtain Permits?

Building a new structure onto an existing building is a large-scale job. It’s quite different from transforming an existing bathroom’s design elements. When you work with the right people, they will make sure your vision is possible with your HOA and local building codes. Is the contractor you’re interviewing working alone, or do they have a team that can do the job right the first time?

By having a licensed and bonded contractor, your home addition can be presented and approved by your city and HOA, so that you can obtain permits in various categories. They can also ensure you meet the minimum requirements for materials for current safety standards.

Why do you need permits?

If you ignore the issue of permits, you may end up with a home addition that hurts you financially. Non-permitted work will not be covered by insurance. To make sure you get the most from your renovation, ask your contractor about getting permits in these areas:

  • Structural: Since a home addition involves making significant changes to a home, such as knocking out walls, adding new utility hookups, and more, you’ll need this permit.
  • Plumbing: If your new addition has any need for a sink, powder bathroom, or anything else that requires plumbing, then this permit is in order.
  • Electrical: Unless your new structure is a shed in the backyard, it will most likely need plugs and wiring. Getting this installation up to today’s building code can merit you an electrical permit.
  • Gas: Running natural gas utilities in the new addition will necessitate this permit as well.
  • Any relevant local permits: A local contractor who is experienced with home additions will also know what permits your city or municipality requires and obtain them.

Will they put the permit in their name?

It’s essential to verify that your contractor will put the permit in his name. If they try to put in your name, then you will be responsible for the work. If there are any mistakes, that is an automatic pass from responsibility. A great contractor will be confident in their skills and put the work in their name.

Licensed contractors will have no problems pulling a permit and getting the ball rolling on your upcoming project. If the contractor you’re interviewing isn’t direct about what they would do regarding permits, then it’s time to find someone new.

Do they have experience?

Adding an addition to a home is more complicated than building a separate structure from the ground up. There are unique issues to contend with such as existing electric hookups, water utilities, materials, and layouts that your contractor must integrate with a new structure. Sometimes, there are errors in the original building’s electrical wiring, and your contractor will need to work with an electrician to rectify the issues.

There can also be instances in which the intended plans may interfere with the safety of the entire structure, and a specialist must come and verify the project’s soundness. A lone contractor will have a hard time pulling off these fixes promptly, but an organized team of designers, project managers, interior designers, and contractors who have connections with local pros can get you the help you need quickly.

Can they provide proof of past work?

Don’t just take the contractor’s word for it. Check for evidence of a job well done. Contractors who are confident in their work will provide information about their past home addition projects. A room addition contractor you can trust will have photos and testimonials of past clients who had undergone similar projects.

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