Considering an Arizona Room Addition or Remodeling?

Considering an Arizona Room Addition or Remodeling

As a Phoenix- or Scottsdale-area resident, you are probably aware that an “Arizona” room is a semi-outdoor rec room, often in the form of a covered or screened-in patio.

Considering Arizona averages more than 275 days of sunshine per year, there are fewer places more ideal in which to design a beautiful “outdoor-like” space. The best part: these room additions or remodeled areas create an outdoor feeling while averting excessive heat and keeping insects and bugs out.

Energy Efficient Sunrooms

Arizona room additions are not only a good way to increase living space but also an excellent way to enhance your home’s overall value.

Furthermore, energy efficient sunrooms can be a wise financial investment. However, the key is to understand that they must be installed or built by qualified, experienced room addition contractors to avoid potential issues, like plumbing, electrical or permit problems.

Arizona rooms must be designed with special glass, proper windows, smart framing, and insulation to be energy efficient. Without these elements, overheating is inevitable, and results in wasted energy and unfortunately high-energy bills.

At Republic West Remodeling, we warn clients to be wary of “low” Arizona room addition prices. While quality materials are more expensive, unusually cheap prices often amount to low- quality, inefficient additions with associated problems.

Decorating Your Arizona Room Addition

Arizona rooms have become a growing trend, mainly because they are a great place to gather with family and friends.

Here are a few design tips to keep in mind when considering an Arizona room addition or remodeling project:

  • Furnish for Function. Your furniture should be designed for comfort and relaxation, especially if you view your Arizona room addition as an extension of your home. Because this room offers protection from the elements, you can incorporate more traditional furniture into the room to make it a more functional extension of your daily living space.
  • Screen Time. For privacy reasons, you may want to consider installing blinds or shades that you can lower each evening. Using similar window dressings as the ones you have inside your home helps give your Arizona room a more comfortable feel, gives it the appearance of looking like a more natural extension of your living space.
  • Add Native Plants. Fill your Arizona room addition with similar plants to the ones you have around your home. Strategically placing plants around provides a splash of color and creates a natural feel that can give your screened-in room a more “outdoorsy” feel.

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