Considering a Room Addition? How to Choose a Contractor

room additions and remodelingYou are finally ready to take the leap with a room addition or home remodeling project, and like many people, you have decided to hire a contractor to perform the work.

However, before you hire the first contractor you find, there are factors to consider to find a quality company that is the best match for your project.

The following tips provide insight about what you should know before hiring a room addition contractor for your room addition:

1. Choosing a Remodeling Company for your Room Addition

At Republic West Remodeling we will manage all aspects of your room addition, including design, obtaining building permits, supervising the construction and building teams, and scheduling inspections. We simplify the process and provide one main person for you to communicate with and who is accountable for your project.

When searching for local remodeling contractors, consider:

  • What are other homeowners saying about their experiences? Ask for references and look at pictures of their work.
  • How long have they been in business? An established company offers a track record of success.
  • Is the remodeling company licensed? Most states require contractors to be licensed and

Remember, as you conduct research, be sure to evaluate their fit for your specific project. Ask for examples of room additions they have completed. Ask questions about how they handled common customer questions and issues.

In general, you want assurance that you are selecting a contractor who has applicable experience, the team to support your dreams, and a philosophy about business that will deliver to your expectations.

2. Make Sure They Have the Right Team to Support Your Project

It is important to make sure you have the right team to support your project from planning to completion.

For example, at Republic West Remodeling, we provide an experienced a designer who will facilitate the design and planning process. Often, we don’t know what we want until we have someone provide a design. One of our designers will ask questions to determine how you will use the space, what is important to you, and determine your tastes to come up with a full-color plan for you to react to.

Once the plan commences, it is important to have a fully integrated team focused on design, pre-construction, planning, construction and operations. Our team is focused on minimizing disruption in your home as they complete the project.

3. Ask Great Questions

To make sure they are the right team for you asking some questions will help you evaluate a remodeling company and understand their process.

Here are some questions to consider asking:

  • How many room additions or home remodels have you performed in the past year?
  • What is your process for completing work on time and on budget?
  • Does my project require a permit, and if so, are you familiar with the permitting process?
  • What types of insurance do you carry?
  • Do you have a team of skilled workers for specialized jobs, like electrical, plumbing, tile work, etc.) or will you be hiring numerous workers?
  • Will your company be responsible for building inspections and approvals?
  • Do you offer a warranty once the remodeling job is complete?
  • What separates you from your competition?

4. Get It in Writing

A final thing to consider when hiring a remodeling contractor is obtaining a written contract. This detailed document should include the company’s name and license, projected start a timeline for completion, a list of materials, payment information, and other details about the project. Always carefully review the written contract before signing on the dotted line.

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step?

A room addition is an exciting step for you and your home. It is important to resist the temptation to dive into any project too quickly and hire the first contractor you find. By following these steps, you will choose the right contractor.

Republic West Remodeling has been serving the Phoenix and Scottsdale area for more than 20 years. We are committed to providing exceptional experience to you throughout the entire construction process, from creative design and detailed planning to execution and construction. We do this by adhering to a strict set of guidelines that serve as the foundation of our process. We take your project seriously and value our working relationship with you.

Learn more about home additions here, or give us a call at (480) 428-8155 to schedule your free consultation.

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