Creating an In-Law Suite with a Room Addition

Creating an In-Law Suite with a Room Addition Homeowners decide to put an addition onto their home for a variety of reasons. Frequently, this is motivated by a lack of space resulting from a growth or change in the household. A common example of this is when parents or other older relatives need to move into the household. The existing property may not have sufficient space for these additional relatives—at least, not space that can be conveniently accessed by those family members.

A particular issue often arises in the case of senior residents who have physical limitations and cannot climb stairs or navigate challenging access points. In this situation, a ground floor space is generally needed to avoid the need for using steps. This space may also need to be handicapped accessible.

If you have additional family members joining the household and you don’t currently have a space that is ideal for them, a home addition in the form of an in-law suite may be the perfect solution.

You have a lot of flexibility of how exactly to design this space, so think about what would work best for your family’s needs while also working within your property limitations. In addition to safety and accessibility, privacy will also likely be a high priority. It may be beneficial to design the addition in such a way that it could be used as a rental property at some point.

Republic West Remodeling has designed in-law suites and many other types of room additions in Arizona, and we would love to discuss your home addition plans.

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