Hidden Fees for Your Room Addition Cost in Phoenix

Hidden Fees for Your Room Addition Cost in Phoenix There are a number of things that people often forget about when trying to plan the cost of a home addition project. There is the standard cost of basic construction, of course, which will depend largely on the size of the project, based on square feet.

However, on top of that basic starting cost, there are a variety of other factors that can add to the overall bottom line. Windows and doors, if needed, are an essential yet often overlooked part of the project. Then you must consider the cost of any plumbing or electrical work that may be required. If your addition will require a foundation, that will also likely be a major part of the cost.

If it is important to you that the new space flows nicely with the existing part of the house, this may also increase the price, especially if the materials used in the main home are no longer easy to find.

Even a relatively small addition can have numerous factors that can impact the cost. At Republic West Remodeling, we have completed many great room additions, and we can advise you on factors that will affect your room addition cost in Phoenix—and we can also suggest ways in which you can keep costs down and stick to your budget.

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