Multi-Generational Living Spawns Need for Room Additions

More and more homes today need to accommodate extended branches of the family. An increasing number of adults are caring for aging parents—while at the same time young adult children are waiting longer to leave the nest. This means many households across the country contain several generations living under the same roof. As this NY Times story notes, more than 50 million Americans are now in multigenerational households, a 10 percent increase from 2007.

This can cause some logistical challenges, as family members struggle to squeeze into limited space. Plus, certain factions of the family may want more space or privacy. Allowing family members room to spread out can help make for a more peaceful and relaxing environment for everyone.

One answer to this challenge is creating one or more home additions, which can provide the space you need while allowing you to remain in your current home. An addition can take many forms, from an in-law suite to a game room that gives younger family members a place to hang out without disturbing everyone else.

We have created many great room additions for our clients, and would love to help plan one that will meet your family’s needs.

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