Top Home Remodeling Contractors in Phoenix

top home remodeling contractors in phoenixA great home constantly adapts to the ever-evolving needs of its inhabitants. While making small changes like buying new furniture is easy to do on your own, large-scale alterations can be more challenging.

However, renovating is inevitable if you want to keep the home you love up-to-date. Children grow up to be teenagers who need their own space, your kitchen may not be able to keep up with daily household demands, or you may take on a new hobby that requires an extra room.

The end of the year is the perfect time to get the advice of a home remodeling contractor in Phoenix. Choose a company homeowners have trusted for projects over the decades. Republic West Remodeling has served over 17,000 clients and counting. Let our operational team expand your home’s potential in ways you never thought possible.

Contractors with Experience

What makes Republic West Remodeling stand out from other Phoenix home remodeling contractors is that we bring together the team that will work with you from the design to the construction.

A direct line of communication ensures that your needs are fully met. Because of our proven process, no vital information gets lost in translation and we minimize the chance for communication gaps.

Areas of Expertise

A total home remodel requires great minds to work together. Collaboration is part of what makes our remodeling team a cut above the rest. We recruit and train professionals who specialize in different stages of home design so that you get someone who “majors” in one area instead of “minoring” in everything. The results are impeccable transformations!

Stage 1: Sales and Design Team

The members of our Sales and Design team have 81 years of combined experience in the home remodeling industry. From being former company owners themselves or spending decades on the job as an interior designer, you have extremely capable individuals at your disposal.

The sales and design team will do everything they can to make sure that your vision is firmly grounded on a good foundation. Then, they send your ideas and theirs to the in-house design team.

Stage 2: In-House Design

Our in-house design team works directly with the sales and design team to produce accurate and detailed digital renderings of your ideas. These 3D renderings are presented to the client before any remodeling happens, so that everyone is on the same page about what to expect. Every detail that you need to make an informed decision as a client will be on hand when we present these images to you.

Stage 3: Interior Design

All the right fixtures and trim look a little lonely without a good interior design. Our interior design consultant is passionate about choosing the right materials and furnishings that will harmonize with your flooring, cabinetry, and more. Ultimately, this step brings the finishing touch to your home remodeling project.

Stage 4: Pre-Construction & Planning

The pre-construction and planning team takes the renderings and ideas that have been nurtured up to this point and executes them in real life.  This team figures out all the logistics, practical needs, material quantities, and other practical necessities of the job. After this team gains a complete understanding of your needs, they will:

  • Verify all the details: This process affirms that the design can be executed as it was presented in the 3D rendering.
  • Prevent mishaps: Damage control avoids potential pitfalls before the project even starts.
  • Get the papers in order: They prepare all the necessary construction documents and permits to make the project legal and valid.
  • Give you a deadline: You get a detailed plan and timeline, so you know when the renovation will start and end.
  • Convey information: They transfer all the necessary information to the operations department so that they can order all the materials in time for the field installation.

Stage 5: Operations & Execution

After the pre-construction phase, field managers get a project manual that provides all the details of the job, including a timeline and other details. In the book, the managers track the job’s daily project so that everyone is working seamlessly together.

Top Home Remodeling Contractors in Phoenix

For your next home remodeling project, gain the Republic West Remodeling advantage: a consortium of bright minds. To learn more, please consult our proven remodeling process.

At Republic West Remodeling, we want to update your home to make it feel like new. To get your home remodeling project started, contact us today!

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