Innovative Projects by Remodeling Contractors in Phoenix

Innovative Projects by Remodeling Contractors in PhoenixAt Republic West Remodeling, we agree that it is tough to generate great ideas alone. This is why our team of Phoenix metro remodeling contractors work collaboratively in the different remodeling stages to help plan and execute an innovative design that will delight you.

If you’re looking for inspiration, this is a great place to start. While our website has a collection of client stories to provide you ideas, here are 3 highlights from our collection.

Mary & Pete’s Story

Mary and Pete loved their home but felt like they were outgrowing it. Everywhere, especially the kitchen area, felt outdated and cramped. However, instead of looking for another home, they decided to give a home remodel a chance.

They started their search for remodeling contractors in Phoenix. So, after hearing an advertisement on the radio for Republic West Remodeling, they gave us a call.

A little over a week after meeting with one of our design consultants, they received a project proposal which contained practical yet stylish solutions to their problems. This proposal included a 3D rendering of what the remodeling project would end up looking like. Ultimately, there were the three main points to be addressed:

  • The inefficient kitchen was to be fully updated with modern amenities, storage, and decor.
  • The lower level bathroom would be given a modern update to match the rest of the home.
  • The lower level would get new flooring to create a seamless design from on the first floor.

Mary and Pete fully understood what to expect before their contractors got to work. When the project was finished, they were thrilled with the results.

They loved the new porcelain farmer’s sink and ample storage in the kitchen. It also contained modern additions like pop-up outlets in their kitchen island. Their home sparkled like new with modern lighting fixtures, fresh paint, and flooring. The renovated bathroom’s mirrors with detailed edges that matched the stately appearance and coloring of the rest of the home.

This is just one example about how fixing some strategic areas can have a large impact on how a home looks as a whole!

Chuck & Robin’s Story

The pain point for Chuck and Robin was a cramped, outdated layout in their home. They wanted something modern, fresh, and functional, and spared no expense to make their vision become reality. This is a good example of a total home remodel.

  • The Kitchen received some major updates, which included:
    • New cabinetry with self-closing doors
    • A larger kitchen island
    • New marble quartz countertops
    • A more functional layout by removing a wall and closing a doorway
    • Added a large, stainless steel exhaust fan over the island
    • Installed a gorgeous checked backsplash dappled with light, neutral colors
  • They opened the entryway by separating the floor-to-ceiling pillars, allowing views of the mountains from many vantage points in the home.
  • The living room was altered to commemorate life achievements:
    • Converted two areas on both sides of the fireplace into Alderwood shadow box display areas.
    • Added extra storage underneath the shadowboxes with granite counter tops.
    • The fireplace mantle was replaced with Alderwood to match the material of the shadow box displays.
  • 4-inch white wood molding was installed throughout the home.
  • The master bathroom also received a total remodel:
    • New walk-in shower
    • Separate sinks
    • Efficient storage for styling tools
    • Removed a non-functional wrap-around soffit

Everything was completed on time and the clients were amazed at how modern and spacious their home felt.

Lisa & Alan

Lisa and Alan had more than 3 decades of history in their one-story home. However, despite their home’s shortcomings, they wanted to stay because they loved their location and neighborhood. After careful planning with Republic West Remodeling, they decided that it was best to focus on the kitchen and family room.

  • The kitchen, which was previously cramped and enclosed, would be converted to an open-floor kitchen/living room combo.
  • They also replaced their outdated kitchen cabinetry and appliances with new ones.
  • They eliminated the interior mint green paint and gave the home a modern, neutral color scheme.

As a result, their home looked and felt bigger. Lisa and Alan often can’t believe that they are living in the same home that once felt cramped and outmoded.

Remodeling Contractors in Phoenix

Reinventing a home with the help of talented Phoenix metro remodeling contractors has its perks. Not only do you get experienced individuals making the most of your home’s potential, but you can increase your home’s value and appeal.

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