How to Select a Remodeling Contractor You Can Trust

Find Remodeling Contractors You Can TrustEmbarking on a home remodeling project is often a major undertaking. Not only will you be spending a lot of time and effort, but you’ll also be “living” with the outcome for a long time.

Working with a reputable remodeling contractor can make a difference between a dream come true and a disappointing experience. Here’s how to find a contractor you can trust:

Check Credentials and References

Look for contractors that have an established presence and a trustworthy reputation in your community.

Check the candidates for all the required state and local licenses, as well as designations from professional associations such as the Better Business Bureau. Find out if they have taken coursework and earned certifications with rigorous standards. They should also have all the necessary insurance to protect you from any liability.

Have the contractors show you a portfolio of their work and inquire how they executed the projects. Don’t shy away from asking questions such as whether they delivered the project on time and on budget or if the clients are satisfied with the outcomes.

Also, request the names and contact information of clients as references so you can find out if the contractors did indeed provide high-quality services.

Interview the Candidates

Meet with the candidates and pay attention to their communication style. A lot of costly mistakes in home remodeling projects can be eliminated by having a clear communication process between clients and contractors.

Keep in mind that the creative process is a two-way conversation: a good contractor should take the time to listen to your needs, ask pertinent questions about your project, and make relevant suggestions.  Also, inquire as to what design awards and achievements they have received.

Look for a contractor that has a client-centric mindset. He or she should address all the design details — from form and function to budget, products, and lifestyle preferences — based on your needs and not his or her own opinions.

Discuss Timeline and Budget

Delays and overrun costs are the two major headaches encountered by homeowners during a remodeling project.

A reputable contractor should communicate with you honestly during the design process to help you balance your vision and your budget while flagging any potential risk that could impact the project. Look for a contractor who can provide personalized visualization and realistic 3-D renderings of the proposed design, which can help minimize miscommunication and ensure the accuracy of the scope.

Ask your contractor for a detailed breakdown of the project scope and all the associated costs before signing a contract. An experienced contractor can provide an accurate and complete scope of work before a contract is drawn up so you can rest assured that there will be no surprises.

Ask About Project Management and Communication Plan

Select a contractor for remodeling who has a well-designed project management and client communication process. For example, will there be trained personnel on site every day to monitor the progress and make sure the project is on track? Is there a project plan with critical milestones? Is there a daily communication system to keep you in the loop?

In addition, it’s not uncommon that some remodeling projects require a significant change in scope after the contract has been signed and the work has started. Inquire how the contractor handles change management so a mutual agreement is reached before executing any work that can impact the timeline or budget.


To ensure that your home remodeling project goes smoothly, look for a contractor, like BBB A+ rated Republic West Remodeling that listens to your needs and preferences, provides a detailed scope and cost estimate, gives you a realistic timeframe, has professional designations and adheres to all state and city codes, is committed to providing high-quality service, and has a well-designed project management process and client communication system.

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