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Trends in Arizona Outdoor Remodeling

Living in a predominantly warm Arizonian climate means that you’ll be spending plenty of time outside. Winter calls for pleasant 70-degree days and our hot summers deliver some cool nights that are perfect spending time poolside. 

Here are some compelling ideas for outdoor remodeling in Phoenix that can greatly improve the quality of your home’s exterior.

1. Pool or Hot Tub

Unlike other areas of the country where a pool is used for a fragment of the year, Arizonians can enjoy a luxuriously long pool season. If your yard is a blank slate, installing a pool can greatly maximize your outdoor enjoyment, especially in the “dog days” of summer when your air conditioner is working at its hardest. 

Think big when it comes to your pool. For example, you can install a hot tub for those winter months when the highs are in the 60s and 70s for maximum outdoor versatility. On heat advisory days, a night swim is a way to avoid the strong midday sun. By installing some LED ambient pool lights and outfitting your poolside with plenty of lighting options, you can enjoy your pool at night for hours. 

2. Fountains

Installing a running fountain is another brilliant design element that also has a cooling factor. These can be stand-alone structures or be connected to your home. A large backyard fountain can be the unifying element to your backyard decor. Or, a small fountain can be a subtle addition to your flower garden. A fountain installed directly on your home’s exterior wall can also be an attractive accent to your home’s entryway. No matter where you find a fountain, a steady flow of water is pleasant and adds an aesthetic touch that makes an ordinary outdoor area look regal. 

3. Shade Additions

It’s no secret that the Arizona sun is hot for most of the year! Adding every opportunity for shade in your patio or deck area can make all the difference in how you enjoy your time under the sun. 

If your current outdoor setup isn’t up to par, explore an outdoor patio remodeling project that can modernize your exterior entertainment area. Or, you can install a variety of shade-producing structures like a gazebo, veranda, pergola, covered porch, and any outdoor furniture with umbrellas that will take some of the sting off the hottest parts of the day.

4. Outdoor Kitchen

Bringing food in and out of your house to entertain an outdoor party can get exhausting after a while. But installing an extra kitchen outside can make entertaining and serving meals much easier. 

These kitchens can be connected to a screened back porch or be an entirely separate structure that can accommodate a wine fridge, wet bar, television, seating, and more. Our exterior remodeling team can inspire you with some great looks that are only limited by your imagination!

5. Landscaping

Curb appeal adds much to your home’s attractiveness and value. It’s the finishing touch to a property that draws people in. An unruly yard can also cause confusion and look chaotic but taming it with proper landscaping can make your outdoor area look orderly and sensible. In Arizona, replacing grass with beautiful rock areas can save money and the environments. Consider adding stone walkways to unify walking areas, and cactus for extra beauty around your home. 

6. Patio Renovation or Redesign

Cool nights on the porch with your favorite beverage is the ultimate wind-down experience. If your patio has seen better days, our designers can reinvent your outdated patio with new tile and water features.

In fact, a big trend in Arizona outdoor remodeling is to expand indoor living to the outside. Outdoor furniture that replicates indoor living room layouts can make your home feel bigger and increase your entertaining capacity. 

Think outside of the box when you outfit your patio. Outdoor furniture has moved beyond painted wicker and plain cushions. If you need assistance, our design team would be thrilled to help you design your patio up to 2019’s standards and remodel your outdoor living area. 

Outdoor Remodeling in Phoenix

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