Landscaping: Four Design Ideas to Consider

Landscaping: Four Design Ideas to ConsiderAre you tired of looking through your windows at a dull, uninteresting landscape surrounding your home? Then perhaps it’s time to think about bringing your yard back to life with a late summer makeover.

The hottest trends in landscaping today focus on low-maintenance design and eco-friendly principles to enhance curb appeal and reduce costs.

Here are four current trends to check out:

  1. Blended Landscapes. Gone are the days of separate vegetable beds. Today’s landscapes are cleverly mixing flowers with food. Edibles – think cabbage, Swiss chard and tomatoes – offer colorful options to annuals and perennials, and they can add interesting variations in height and texture, as well. The greatest advantage: in addition to making for a beautiful yard, they also provide organic produce for much less than you would pay at the store.
  2. Pollinator Landscapes. This innovative design attracts birds, butterflies and most importantly, honeybees. As you may be aware, bees play a huge part in our ecosystem and our economy. However, they’re also experiencing a rapid decline. Homeowners can do their part to help save the bees by planting colorful, bee-friendly blossoms, such as lavender, basil, cornflower and sage.
  3. Natural Landscapes. Natural landscapes emphasize native plants that require little maintenance and little in the way of pesticides and fertilizers. With a focus on reflecting the way plants group and grow in the local landscape, these designs don’t require much manicuring or ongoing upkeep. Note: the best plants for a natural landscape will depend, obviously, on where in the country you live. Yet, there are a few key factors to follow for all: get inspired from the surrounding landscape, layer strategically and exclude non-native plants. If you aren’t quite sure which plants species are native in your area, ask a local garden center, or get a professional to help with your design and installation.
  4. Minimalist Landscapes. This style of landscape focuses on clean lines and low maintenance. Typically, a minimalist landscape uses a simple color palette and a mix of hardscape materials and green plants to create an understated, structure-focused design. Features might include simple walkways, decks and patios created with wood, gravel, crushed stone or stained concrete. Additionally, boulders, rocks and horizontal fencing may also be featured.

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