Remodeling in Scottsdale: Deck Designs

Scottsdale Deck DesignAdding a deck to your home is a little bit like buying a new couch. Whatever look you are trying to achieve, coordination counts.

While the size and shape of your yard, as well as the requirements of your local building codes, ultimately help define your choice, these decisions are often based on how a homeowner plans to use your deck. And don’t forget to factor in the style and proportions of your house for a deck that complements its surroundings.

Here are some things to consider before forging ahead:


To start, make a list of the activities you want to do on your deck. This is the first step toward determining its ultimate size. For example, you may want space for small-group entertaining, large-group entertaining and/or cooking out. Or, you may envision your deck as a relaxing sanctuary, allowing you to spend peaceful time alone either reading or resting.

You also can determine your dimensions by making a list of the furniture your deck needs, and then factoring in enough floor space for easy flow and movement.

Size and Scale

Because adding a deck changes the exterior shape and size of your house, it’s important to keep your deck design in proportion to your house. According to the experts, limiting deck size to no more than 20 percent of total interior floor space prevents your house from being visually isolated on a sea of decking, while building your deck no larger than the floor space of your largest room reinforces flow and continuity between deck and interior space.

Deck Shape

When trying to determine an ideal deck shape, take a moment to think about where your eyes wander when you are enjoying your outdoor space in a relaxed manner. For instance, a beautiful view can easily dictate a deck shape that allows guests to see it. This can mean a broad open space in which it is easy to arrange furniture to face a sunset over a mountain range.

And for a deck that functions as a frequently used outdoor room, your visual focus may be more inwardly directed. Or, if you are including a fireplace or hot tub, you may want to consider a deck shape that centers on this focal point; pentagonal or hexagonal designs can encourage guests to focus toward each other more than looking outward.

Often considered a cherished outdoor extension of your home, your deck should express your own design taste and style. Among the many great things about living in the Scottsdale area is the wonderful climate and beautiful views that surround us. Outdoor living spaces give you the perfect way to enjoy this unique environment to the fullest. Contact Republic West Remodeling today for deck remodeling costs in Scottsdale.

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