The Dirt on Deck Design

Outdoor DeckA well-designed deck is what separates a good outdoor living space from an amazing one.

Planning your dream deck begins with imagining everything you want the space to be. Your deck should be an expression of how you live. Its style, size and design details should complement your taste and fit the way you and your family will use the deck.

Beyond that, your deck should match its surrounding environment – its location on your property, its connection to your home and the natural features that surround it.

Size Matters 

When it comes to deciding how large your deck should be, follow this basic guideline: make your deck large enough to comfortably accommodate all the activities you want to take place on it.

Start the process by coming up with a sketch. Remember: you’ll need enough room for the activity itself, traffic flow through and around the area and furniture.
During the process, if you don’t think you will have enough room in any one area of the deck, make that area larger, or find ways to make spaces do double duty.

Keep in mind if areas with different functions are going to be used simultaneously, you can separate them visually and physically by using benches, planters or by changing the decking pattern.

Location, Location, Location 

There’s a lot more to choosing a location for your deck than simply plopping it somewhere behind  your house. In fact, there is no rule that says a deck has to be attached to the house at all. For instance, some people may find that a detached location provides the perfect spot for a natural “escape.”

Furthermore, if you want to put the deck next to the house, take advantage of exterior walls to get the best fit for your deck design. Don’t forget to consider the features of your landscape — any existing vegetation and views can all dramatically affect the design of your deck, as well as where you build it. Additionally, areas of direct sunlight, shade and wind can each impact how often you use your deck. Be aware of the weather elements at play and make adjustments accordingly.

There are few things more exciting than taking your existing house and making it your dream home. One of the most popular ways to change your home is with an add-on – like a deck addition – or room addition.  Call Republic West Remodeling, one of the leading home remodeling contractors in Scottsdale, today (480) 428-8155 to schedule your free consultation.

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