Blending Outdoor and Indoor Living

Outdoor Living SpacesFor years, the backyard has been cherished as a spot for people to enjoy grilling and playing outdoor games, to light a fire for warmth or for roasting marshmallows.

However, more recently, people are showing an increased willingness to invest in their backyards to create a more comfortable, entertaining extension of their home. Remodeling experts attribute this to the fact that so many of us have so little time off, that our backyards and patios have become a primary sanctuary for relaxation.

Adding Luxury Outside

One of the biggest trends in the outdoor living arena is that many of today’s homeowners seem to be willing to sacrifice their indoor space, as long as they can utilize some of their living outdoors. In addition to expanding on their living spaces, homeowners are also making outdoor updates to create luxurious entertainment spaces and increase their backyards’ overall functionality.

Houzz, an online platform that provides home remodeling research, recently conducted a landscape study revealing that 56 percent of respondents updated their yards to make them more friendly for entertaining.

Homeowners are also increasingly adding patios, grills and fire pits. Additionally, some people are even transforming their yards into high-end, luxury living spaces by installing outdoor kitchens, complete with lighting, appliances and sound systems.

Republic West Remodeling has an extensive in-house operational department ready to help you with plans for your outdoor living spaces right down to the execution.

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