Renovate Your Outdoor Living Spaces Just in Time for Spring

outdoor living spacesFor all the Phoenicians who forget why you live here in the summer, this is the season of reminders; mild weather, sunny skies, BBQs, blooming plants, picnics and while the rest of the country is preparing for a blizzard, we’re enjoying time by the pool. Because this is such a great time for being outside, it is the perfect time to renovate your outdoor living spaces.

Outdoor livings spaces are like an addition onto your home in the spring

No matter what condition your outdoor living spaces are in, how much money you have to spend or what your vision is, Republic West Remodeling takes pride in making your dreams come to life. We specialize in outdoor cooking, outdoor dining, flooring and decking, plants and trees and more.

  •   Outdoor cooking – This includes outdoor kitchens, barbeques, grills and outdoor bars. We can create an area of any size with any specifications. Safety, functionality and aesthetics are all taken into account in order to create the perfect outdoor cooking area.
  •   Outdoor dining – Outdoor dining areas aren’t limited to dining, they can be a place to play card and board games, have long talks with close friends or connect with your family. It is the place where people come together, so you want to make sure it is comfortable and inviting.
  •   Flooring and decking – From stained concrete to brick, the floor and deck has the ability to transform your outdoor living spaces and tie everything together.
  •   Plants and trees – Vegetation is a large element in your outdoor living spaces. We have a lot of experience with plants here in Arizona and we are knowledgeable about all sorts of flowers, shade trees, grass and other plants. We know what will work best in your yard to add to your environment while sustaining through the harsh summers.

No matter what your vision we will work with you until you are 110% satisfied. Our goal is to not only meet our customers’ expectations, but exceed them which is why half of our customers are either returning or referred. Republic West Remodeling can help you make the most out of this spring.

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