Creating Outdoor Living Spaces in Phoenix

Outdoor living spaces in Phoenix have always been focal points for relaxing and gathering.  Increasing in popularity, backyard trends extend indoor living qualities and blur the line between moving from inside to outside your home.

When considering outdoor living spaces in Phoenix, the first step is to decide how you want to use the space.  If you have a larger space, you may want to break it up into sections for different uses.  Or, you may want an extensive garden, dining patio or outdoor kitchen.

A good rule of thumb for outdoor living spaces in Phoenix is to think functionality before aesthetics.  To maximize the use of your space, it’s a good idea to seek help from professionals experienced with creating outdoor spaces.

Dividing Your Outdoor Living Spaces

You can use your existing space for any number of functions.  The following suggestions can help start the design process:

  • Social Gathering Space.  If you want to entertain, you should consider a patio with all the necessary furnishings.  A dining area right off your kitchen will streamline food transport.  Or, you can consider a outside dining area next to your social space.

You can consider one large social gathering spot outside, or divide your existing space into social “hubs.”  For example, if you have a pool or play area, you may want a setting for gathering around these spots.  You’ll need to decide where eating, visiting and observing outdoor activities will take place.

  • Play Areas.  Depending on your interests, you can incorporate any number of plat spots.  For example, if you like ping pong, Frisbee, baseball, volleyball, or other activity, you can accommodate it in outdoor living spaces in Phoenix.
  • Relaxation and Meditation Areas.  These types of spots are gaining traction in outdoor living spaces in Phoenix.  If you enjoy peace and quiet, you can design areas to enjoy nature.  Landscaping and other features can add to your relaxation and provide seclusion from the other parts of your backyard.

A meditation room can be constructed and require simple furnishings.  You can add water features to add to the tranquility of your special retreat.  Again, a professional remodeling contractor can help with ideas on how to create the most tranquility in your outdoor living spaces in Phoenix.

After Function Comes Creativity

Once you’ve determined how your outdoor living spaces in Phoenix will function, you can let your imagination go wild.  Many homeowners like to extend the characteristics and décor of the inside of their home to the outside space.  However, no hard and fast rules exist and you can do whatever fits your style and desires.

You can choose to mix and match elements from indoors to out.  For example, you may choose to use the same stone flooring so you have some continuity of design and it appears the outdoor space is actually an extension of your indoor space.  Other people like to make outdoor living spaces in Phoenix completely different from inside the home.  They want to feel as if they are really getting away from home to another world!

Whatever you decide to do, you should consider common functional items. The following elements are routinely included in outdoor living spaces in Phoenix:

  • Fireplaces and Firepits.  Outside fires create an atmosphere of camping in the wide open spaces.  They also create a cozy, relaxing environment.
  • Lighting.  Lighting comes in all types of shapes, sizes and functions.  You’ll have to carefully consider each section of your space to develop the most attractive, functional and safe lighting scheme.
  • Fans.  If you want to use your space in warmer weather, a fan may be a necessity.  Fans can extend the time you can be comfortable in your outdoor space.
  • Furniture.  You will most likely be overwhelmed at the vast array of outdoor furniture types and materials.  You can have furniture built-into your different areas as well.
  • Insect Netting and Screens.  You can keep unwanted pests away and create an interesting design element at the same time by using netting and screens.
  • Swimming Pools.  Pools come in all shapes and sizes too and can provide a fun option for your backyard.  The type of pool you select should be based on your available space, intended use and desired level of maintenance.

Creating an outdoor living space can be an involved project.  However, you can start small and evolve over time as you increase your outdoor activities.  Everyone wants to spend time in fun, relaxing environments.  And, what better way to do this than to step out into your own backyard oasis!

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