Home Remodeling in Scottsdale Outdoor Living

A popular home remodeling in Scottsdale project involves creating outdoor living spaces that are both functional and beautiful. With an abundance of options available, adding outdoor living is exciting and fun.

The first step in your project is to fully define how you want to use your outdoor space.  Do you want to dine outside and entertain guests?  Are recreational activities going to be part of your outdoor experience?  Is a private, peaceful retreat what you had in mind?

Once you decide the space purpose, you can develop a list of elements you want in the space.  You can also explore design ideas in magazines, websites, model homes and contractor portfolios.

To ensure your outdoor space gets lots of use, you want to think carefully before you start your project.  Home remodeling in Scottsdale requires special considerations.  Heat, dryness and sunshine take a toll on people and materials, so plan accordingly. Some specific functionality considerations include:

  • Provide Ample Shading.  To make your outdoor living space usable during hot summer months, create a cool environment with lots of shade.  Consider fans and misters to increase comfort.
  • Think Multi-Purpose.  One day you may want a kid’s pool party.  Another time you may want to entertain friends with dinner.  Therefore, make sure your outdoor space can adapt easily to different uses.
  • Consider Flow.  Any outdoor space should flow easily from indoor to out in terms of both look and function.  Make sure you accommodate for traffic flows to and from various areas of your home and outdoor space.  You should also consider keeping your outdoor space on the same level as your indoor space.
  • Tap into Existing Plumbing and Electrical.  Work with a qualified and reputable remodeling contractor to avoid having separate systems outdoors.  For example, if you’re installing a barbeque, try not to rely on separate propane tanks.  Instead, connect to existing gas lines.  You want a seamless infrastructure and a room that ties in well with your existing indoor rooms.

In part two of this series, we will take a look at outdoor asthetics and furnishings to complete your new outdoor living space in Scottsdale.  To learn more about outdoor living spaces, contact Republic West Remodeling today!

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