How to Plan a Kitchen Redesign in 2019

The New Year is often a time for reflection on where one is in life. It’s also a season when it’s common to get rid of clutter and make healthy resolutions. If you’ve been looking to make a positive change that will benefit you for years to come, consider a kitchen redesign. Not only does a kitchen remodel improve the look and functionality of the busiest area in your home, it can also raise the value of your property. 

Whether you’re planning to live in your home for a long time or need to prep it for sale, a kitchen remodel can help you meet your design goals. Here are some things to think about if you’re planning a kitchen redesign during 2019.

Prioritize Your Budget

Your primary goal should be to decide on what to invest in. Before you make any big purchases, you should list all the things you’d like to change in your kitchen and create a “wish list.” Some key points to consider are:

  • Structural elements. Many older kitchens are enclosed, which means homeowners need to knock out walls if they want to create an open space. If an open concept is  a top priority, this will be a large investment and should move to the top of your list.
  • New cabinetry. Making sure your cabinets are well-structured, high quality, and attractive is important for the overall appeal of your kitchen. Modern updates like self-closing or soft-closing cabinets with deep storage can also boost your kitchen’s functionality.
  • Lighting. A little change such as adding LED lights under the cabinets can dramatically improve the appearance and functionality of your kitchen.
  • Appliances. Not every appliance you buy must be top-of-the-line, especially when it is one you don’t use frequently. If budget is a concern, spend more on appliances you use frequently and less on the ones you don’t use as often. 

No matter what you want to prioritize, it’s always wise to invest the most in the elements that help you fulfill your vision. 

The Other Details

While it’s important to look at the big picture, neglecting the little details can have big consequences when the project is over. Forgetting to consider elements such as drawer dividers, charging stations, and storage solutions can make your kitchen less functional than you’d like. 

During the design phase, you should also ask your contractor on how to maximize your workflow efficiency. The areas around your sink and stove should be spacious and optimized to make cooking and food preparation easy. If you need to extend counter space to make your “work triangle” effective, during a kitchen redesign is the time to do it.

The structural integrity of your kitchen is also important. Though you may want to convert a closed kitchen to an open space, you should first consult a structural engineer to make sure it’s safe. There’s nothing worse than demolishing part of your house only to find out that your alterations have made it structurally unsound. This is why it’s extremely important to consult a company that specializes inkitchen renovation near you before you start your project.

Expert Help

There are many aspects to consider when you embark on a kitchen redesign project. Whether it’s your first time or a you’re a home remodel veteran, getting the help of an experienced designer speeds up the process and makes it as easy as possible for you.

When you work with Republic West Remodeling, you’ll first meet with a designer to discuss your needs in depth. Then, we’ll create a design and project plan for your review and approval before any work starts. We make it a point to stick to the timeline and budget that we’ve agreed on and maintain complete transparency during the entire project.

Kitchen Renovations Near You

Start out the new year with a kitchen redesign that meets your current needs and wants. When you work with us, we guarantee the quality of the work with our Dream Assurance Plan.

At Republic West Remodeling, we want you to love being in your kitchen. To start the conversation about your Phoenix kitchen remodeling project, contact us for a free consultation today.

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