More Examples of Kitchen Remodeling – Scottsdale, AZ

Living in a home with an outdated kitchen can make hosting parties difficult. Sometimes, switching out your appliances isn’t enough to give it the update it needs. Wall partitions, a lack of counter space, inefficient storage and flow can all contribute to a cramped and dated feel. When you’re not happy with your kitchen, you can hire kitchen remodeling contractors in Scottsdale that homeowners trust. 

If you’re like many homeowners, you love your home, neighborhood, and the area you live in. So, moving would be far more inconvenient than having your kitchen remodeled. Investing in a renovation can give you the updated look that you want and is a long-term investment in your property. Here are some Scottsdale kitchen remodeling examples from kitchen remodeling contractors in Scottsdale to inspire you. 

North Scottsdale United Methodist Church

Before the Scottsdale United Methodist Church remodeled its kitchen, the building hadn’t undergone a major remodeling since 1978. Since the once small congregation had grown to 500 regular attendees, the original, small kitchen wasn’t able to keep up with the church’s culinary and hospitality needs. 

The limitations of the kitchen impacted the church’s active social calendar which included luncheons, tea parties, outreach events, weddings, and baptisms—all of which required use of the kitchen. In order to keep up with its goal to serve the community and enrich the lives of the congregation, the church needed to invest in a total remodel.

After receiving a generous monetary gift, the church was able to move forward with its plans. The church’s design committee didn’t have experience with a kitchen remodel of this scale. So, they visited Grace United Methodist Church to check out their kitchen and get some ideas. The committee liked Grace’s spacious and efficient kitchen and wanted a similar design. After they found out that Republic West Remodeling (RWR) had remodeled Grace’s kitchen, North Scottsdale Methodist knew who to call. 

Jacque Richardson became the project designer for North Scottsdale Methodist Church. During the initial meeting, she helped the design committee develop a “wish list”. They decided to install resilient flooring, updated appliances, add more space so multiple people could work in the kitchen together and allow more space for kids. They also got a new coffee station, new cabinets and countertops, and more storage. The committee was pleased with how we were able to prioritize their needs while working within their budget and with how they kept the project on schedule.  “All in all, it was a great experience,” the committee chair remarked about their kitchen’s transformation process

Janelle & Don

Janelle and Don loved their ‘90’s-era home, but their 20+ year old kitchen had started to show its age. Since they worked with us on a couple bathroom remodels, the couple decided to work with us again because they were satisfied with their past experiences.

Arthur Gambino, our designer, made it his mission to transform their “old, awkward” kitchen into a “high-end, functional” space. The result was a top-of-the-line gourmet kitchen that became the principal gathering place for friends and family.

When they sold their house, Janelle and Don called us with some good news. Their home sold for much more than they expected because of the kitchen upgrade and the previous bathroom remodels we had done. In the end, they reaped an added bonus. Remodeling their kitchen wasn’t just for their personal enjoyment, but also turned out to be a smart financial investment! “Everything you did made our house more valuable,” said Janelle with gratitude.

Kitchen Remodeling Contractors in Scottsdale

Our team of talented designers and contractors has helped over 17,000 clients bring their remodeling dreams to life. We also guarantee your satisfaction with our Dream Assurance Plan. We believe that your kitchen should be beautiful, efficient, and functional.

So, if you have been looking for the kind of kitchen remodeling Scottsdale homeowners need, then contact us for a free consultation to start the conversation about your Scottsdale kitchen remodeling project.

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