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kitchen remodeling galleryKitchen Remodeling Phoenix Gallery

Kitchens are high-traffic areas that are a vital part of your home. Whether you’re a young family that needs a prep zone for bottles or a seasoned couple that wants to upgrade to a chef’s kitchen, a remodel can adapt your kitchen to your current needs.

A kitchen remodel is the second most popular home remodeling project that homeowners do. However, it isn’t always easy to determine what changes should be a priority. The easiest way to start is to discuss your needs with a contractor who has done kitchen remodeling Phoenix residents have been satisfied with.

Republic West Remodeling has over 17,000 happy clients and counting. We have talented kitchen remodel specialists who can help you decide what your kitchen needs. If you need some ideas, take a look at these Phoenix kitchen remodeling pictures from our previous clients.

Lisa & Alan’s Kitchen

A partial wall separated Lisa and Alan’s outdated kitchen from the living room, making living quarters tight and uncomfortable. Not to mention, the mint green and white interior paint and vinyl floors echoed the early 90s in a way that didn’t nurture nostalgia. The couple knew it was time for an update that would make living in their home pleasant once more.

Thankfully, they were in good hands with our designers and contractors. Exchanging their enclosed layout to a modern, open one with new appliances and cabinets made all the difference in how their home looked and felt.

We were able to fully knock out that wall, eliminating the cramped feeling that it imposed on the house. Then, we replaced the wall with a breathtaking island with ample storage space and a granite countertop. We also took out the old wooden cabinets and installed gorgeous, shiny Cherrywood cabinets.

We rearranged the plumbing to set the sink in the middle of the island while the stove, range, and refrigerator were replaced with modern, stainless steel appliances. We also replaced the old vinyl flooring with attractive brown stone tiles that matched the granite and Cherrywood of the island’s base.

Losing the wall converted two separate spaces into an open kitchen-living combo. The home is now bright, inviting, and spacious.

Helen’s Kitchen

Helen was no stranger to home remodeling. When she contacted Republic West Remodeling, she had already gone through several projects but needed to apply some changes to her kitchen. Over time, she started to have different storage needs in this area. She also thought that its design could use an update.

The beautiful results of her Phoenix kitchen remodeling project express her sophisticated taste. Helen’s creative vision, combined with the ideas of our expert designers and contractors, produced a bold layout that brought her kitchen into modern times.

The red onyx backsplash she chose steals the show. It is the focal point that plays off the off-white countertops and white inset-style cabinet doors, which used to be dark brown.

Discrete under-the-cabinet LED lighting illuminates all her counters so that everything would be visible even when the main lights were out. Tying everything together is the small center island that has a red hue. It plays well with the bold red onyx backsplash and creates a continuance of the red color scheme.

Overall, this project was an exhilarating one to complete as it incorporated high creativity and exquisite design!

Kitchen Remodeling in Phoenix

Creating a new kitchen from your current one can feel overwhelming, but you don’t have to work alone. Let the experienced kitchen remodelers at Republic West Remodeling guide you through every step so that you get the results that you want.

For more information about what it looks like to get a kitchen remodel with us, please consult our remodeling process.

At Republic West Remodeling, we want to make your new kitchen dream come true. To get your kitchen remodeling project started, contact us today!

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