Start the New Year Off Right with a Kitchen Remodel

kitchen remodelingStart the New Year Off Right with a Brand New Kitchen

The quiet months that follow the holidays are prime time to make new resolutions and positive changes in your life. If you have been dreaming of a new kitchen, the new year is a great time to start fresh.

The kitchen is a central gathering place for you, your family and guests. If your kitchen is outdated or inefficient, you may find it more of a frustrating place to be than a restorative one. If it doesn’t fit your lifestyle, an upgrade may be in order.

Take advantage of these months around the new year to start the kitchen remodel of your dreams. If you don’t know where to start, recruiting a professional designer from Republic West Remodeling can make the process enjoyable.

What Do You Need?

Your kitchen should ultimately serve your current and expected future needs. Maybe you have a growing family and want to expand an outdated enclosed space into an open area. Or, perhaps you want to get more storage and cooking space to appeal to future buyers.

A great way to start brainstorming your kitchen remodeling project is to ask yourself, “what do I need?” When you have a good handle on what must be included in your new kitchen, then you can move on to your wants.

What Delights You?

This kitchen remodel is also an expression of who you are, so it should reflect your passions and unique personality. Do you want to finally get rid of your faded counter tops and upgrade to granite or quartz? Do you want to trade out that two-sided sink for a sleek industrial crafted sink? If these items express your sophisticated taste, it’s time to make it happen!

Embrace New Trends

You can make your kitchen remodel even more interesting by incorporating some new design trends. There are some great looks that are hot right now that also have a timeless appeal. Some of the best trends of 2019 incorporate:

  • Natural materials like wood and stone
  • Brass handles and fixtures
  • Industrial-inspired decor
  • Concrete surfaces
  • Unique and innovative storage
  • Built-in bars and wine rooms
  • Neutral colored kitchens with pop colors
  • Painted rustic backsplashes
  • Natural light from large windows and skylights

There is so much enjoyment in store when you integrate new looks that transform how your kitchen looks, feels and functions.

Integrate Fresh Technology

Kitchen technology has become more advanced than ever as appliances continue to improve and can become integrated with smart home hubs like the Amazon Echo and Google Home. Here are some technological advances that are sure to become the finishing touch to your new kitchen.

  • Convection ovens & Induction Cooktops – Fast cooking is the way of the future. When you don’t have to wait for an oven to preheat for 30 minutes, entertaining becomes a snap.
  • USB Ports & Wireless Charging Surfaces – Your new kitchen should accommodate your portable devices as it becomes more commonplace to Google a recipe instead of flip through a book. Making power sources within reach results in a more convenient kitchen.
  • Entertainment – Installing a TV and sound system for your devices adds a dose of fun, especially in an open kitchen. Watch the morning news while eating at your kitchen bar!
  • Smart Appliances – Today’s ovens, microwaves, dishwashers, and more can come equipped with features like temperature control, timers, and remote control, making you in total control of your kitchen from anywhere in the house.

A 2019 kitchen is smarter than ever, and it’s time to enjoy the perks. Why not improve its functionality as well and take your cooking game to a whole new level?

New Year, New Kitchen

Creating a new kitchen from your current one can seem like a daunting task, but if you get the help of Republic West Remodeling, you’ll be guided every step of the way by experts. We believe in offering you peace of mind in three areas:

Cost Certainty: We believe in cost certainty: so you can sign with peace of mind.

Timeline Certainty: We are experts at accurately evaluating the time a project will take. We plan around your schedule and work to accommodate your use while we are in the house with you.

Quality Certainty: We use only proven quality materials and install them for maximum dependability.

With a newly remodeled kitchen for the new year, your family will love the experiences of sharing the space.

For more information, please see our remodeling process.

At Republic West Remodeling, we want to make your new kitchen dream a reality. To get your kitchen remodeling project started, contact us today!

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