Family Coming for the Holidays? It’s Time to Remodel Your Kitchen

kitchen remodeling for the holidaysThe holidays are coming, and family is coming with it. But when you look at your kitchen, you may feel a little worried. It looks a run-down, maybe the style is outdated, or it’s not very practical anymore.

At Republic West Remodeling, we know how important it is to have a beautiful and functional kitchen space, especially when you host family gatherings. But we also know that getting started on a kitchen remodel can be difficult at best, and confusing at worst. There are many elements to consider: cost and time, of course, but also trends, design principles, layout, materials, and others.

If you are thinking about getting your kitchen remodeled for the holidays, here are some pointers to get you started.

Start With Your Pain Points

We often consider a kitchen remodel when things in the kitchen are not working for us. Figuring out what needs to change is a practical way to begin planning your kitchen remodeling project. Along with the help of one of our remodeling experts, you should consider the following questions:

  • Do I have all the appliances I need? Should I make space for a second oven or extra sink?
  • Is there enough space for everyday use? Will it be able to accommodate our guests for the holidays?
  • Do I need more storage space or work areas?
  • Is the kitchen’s style outdated, or have my design tastes changed?
  • Does traffic flow easily through the kitchen space, or are there impractical bottlenecks?
  • Does my kitchen need to be modified for different accessibility needs?

You should spend some time thinking about who works and spends time in the kitchen, and what they do. Do your kids enjoy doing their homework at the table while you prepare dinner? Do your guests tend to congregate in the kitchen? Are the cupboards accessible for people of different heights and abilities?

At the heart of a kitchen remodel are function and durability. You want a kitchen that works hard for you and your family, and you want a kitchen that will last for many years.

Make Smart Choices

When your budget is flexible, it’s tempting to want to buy the best, most luxurious appliances. But remember that sometimes spending more doesn’t necessarily make things better. Unless you are a gourmet chef and spend your days in the kitchen, a commercial cooking range might be a little too much. Instead, spend that money on a granite countertop, hardwood flooring, or a more efficient dishwasher, which is going to come in handy when the whole family is visiting for the holidays!

In the end, it’s all about having a kitchen that suits your needs. While some things are nice to have, they are not always must-haves.┬áThe design experts at Republic West Remodeling will help you prioritize based on your needs and your budget.

Think Storage

When homeowners focus too much on gadgets and fancy appliances, they forget the most common issue with kitchens: storage space. Most kitchens don’t have enough! That’s why getting professional help for planning your kitchen remodel is essential. We have built thousands of kitchens, and we know how to make sure that clients don’t miss smaller details, like whether or not they have enough storage, and how to maximize the space for common uses.

For example, a walk-in pantry is very practical for large families or people who cook a lot. More drawers to better organize your cutlery and cooking tools, your baking molds and your pots and pans, will save you time and headaches in the long run. Whatever your space and organizational challenges are, there are lots of ways to creatively solve them.

Brighten Your Kitchen Workspace

Lighting can also be quite inefficient in older kitchens. A lot of homeowners complain that their kitchens are too dark, or that some areas could use better task lighting.

Kitchen remodels that include under-the-cabinet lighting can help brighten up dim areas and help you read that new cooking book you received for Christmas. Consider a dimmer for ambient lighting so you can control the level of light overhead. We can show you different kinds of lighting designs and help you choose the one that’s just right for you.

Set Your Budget and Get Your Kitchen Ready for the Holidays

Once you’ve made the big decisions–storage space, materials, lighting, appliances, etc.–you can determine a budget. At Republic West Remodel, we believe in cost certainty: so you can sign with peace of mind.

And if you are worried about timelines, we also offer time certainty: we are experts at accurately evaluating the time a project will take. We plan around your schedule and work to accommodate your use while we are in the house with you.

With a newly remodeled kitchen, you can proudly host your friends and family for the holidays. The holidays are about good food and good company, the two things that a great kitchen can make possible.

Contact us today to get your holiday-ready kitchen!

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