Finalizing the Contract With a Kitchen Remodeling Company

kitchen remodelingRemodeling your kitchen is both a considerable financial and emotional investment. It is also a significant investment of your time, especially if you want to be involved in the key decisions along the way.

Knowing what to expect before your kitchen remodelers get started on the job will help you better prepare for the process.

Kitchen Remodeling Contract Basics

A remodeling contract is the next step after you and your remodeling contractor agree on the proposal and discuss a proposed project timeline.

The fundamental concept of a contractor-customer agreement is to spell out the depth and scope of your kitchen remodeling project’s work. Essentially, it is the written document both you and your kitchen remodeling company will refer to throughout the job, so it is crucial to make sure it is clear, detailed, and easy to understand.

A contract should state that the kitchen remodelers will secure all necessary permits and approvals, in addition to the cost and payment schedule.

Typically, a kitchen remodeling contract also includes:

  • The kitchen remodeling company’s contact information.
  • The project description, including design plans.
  • A clear description of the job to be completed, including all aspects, such as drawings of cabinetry, dimensions of countertops, and more.
  • Products and materials to be used in the project.
  • Although a modeling company’s process for handling change orders will likely not appear in the contract, it should be discussed.
  • Although mutually agreed upon points about the care of your home and property will not be spelled out in a contract, it should be discussed in significant detail and a home care and protection plan should be written out at the conclusion of the planning process.

Here are some other factors to consider before starting on your dream kitchen:

  • Discuss change orders. Although a remodeling company’s process for handling change orders will likely not appear in the contract, it should be discussed.
  • Discuss a detailed timetable, including daily and weekly schedule. Having a structured timetable and schedule in place that highlights daily tasks can provide a big-picture view of the order of things and anticipated deadlines. It can also help give you a baseline so that you know if individual projects are running behind.
  • Find out whom to expect in your home each day. Ask your kitchen designers who will be responsible for starting and ending projects each day at your house, who will be in charge of team members on site, and who you should plan to contact should questions arise.
  • Address communication methods. Most kitchen remodeling contractors have specific ways they prefer to communicate with customers, such as daily emails or phone calls. Before demolition begins, make sure you clearly understand how your contractor plans to share information and updates. If their approach is not satisfactory for your needs, it is okay to request your preferred communication method. Also, find out how you can reach your kitchen remodeling contractor in the case of an emergency. Exchange all phone numbers so that contacting each other will not be a challenge.
  • Discuss home care and protection precautions. Kitchen remodelers can take numerous dust-containment approaches to protect the rest of your house, so address this issue ahead of time. With this approach, you will have a clear idea about where you can, and cannot, safely move through your house during the construction phase.
  • What will happen if plans change mid-construction? Typically, change orders can be easily dealt with in a contract. One way many companies handle this issue is to document any changes in writing, where parties note and sign the change in scope of work, the price, and potential change to the schedule. It is important to have a plan in place to document any unexpected changes that may happen along the way.

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