Options for Refacing Oak Cabinets

Aries White Oak SmMany homeowners agree: universal light oak cabinets often referred to as honey or golden oak, tend to look outdated today.

Fortunately, you do not have to completely redo your kitchen to get a more modern, stylish look.

If your cabinets are in sound condition, it might be time to say goodbye to the oak finish and give your cabinets a whole new look that complements your style and home decor. 

Options for Refacing

At Republic West Remodeling, we tell our clients that after they reface their oak cabinets, it appears as if they had new cabinetry installed.

If you are not familiar with the method, cabinet refacing means applying a new surface over the original cabinet box, and adding matching doors and drawer fronts. As part of the process, a contractor installs a veneer over the cabinet bases, and the hardware, the hinges, and the drawer slides are also all updated.

One important factor to note is that not all cabinet refacing jobs are equal. The key to a successful refacing project is that the old kitchen cabinets must be well constructed from the start or a quality-refacing job is not worth doing. 

Cabinet refacing sometimes offers customers other opportunities to update their kitchens. We have done many refacing projects in which we have replaced the doors in lower cabinets with several large, deep drawers. These big drawer conversions are particularly popular with some customers because it allows them to access the contents while standing, instead of searching around in the back of a cabinet on their hands and knees. 

Common Questions About Oak Cabinet Refacing 

How long does it take to reface cabinets?
The average kitchen cabinets take just a few days to reface. 

Can I use my kitchen during the refacing project?

Yes, your kitchen is still functional during the refacing project. 

When I reface my oak cabinets, do I get new doors?
Yes, you will get new doors in whatever style you choose. 

If I have oak cabinets, do I have to stay with an oak reface?
No, you can select from a wide range of wood varieties, stain colors, and styles. The result will appear as if you removed your old cabinets and replaced them with new cabinets. 

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