Countertop Upgrades That Don’t Require a Remodel

Countertop Upgrades That Don’t Require a RemodelIf a walk through your kitchen makes you feel like you are taking a trip back to the ’80s, then it might be time to update your decor.

In addition to the wall colors, appliances and cabinetry style, you should also consider updating your kitchen countertops. The latest kitchen surfaces are available in a variety of textures, colors and materials, including granite, wood, stainless steel, ceramic tiles, glass and more.

For example, granite is known as a durable, timeless and scratch- and heat-resistant countertop surface. It is easy to clean and solid throughout, making it the perfect option for a heavily used kitchen area. Stainless steel is another trendy option. Because it’s a metal and nonporous, it does not have to be sealed and is naturally antibacterial. This makes food prep and cleanup a cinch.

Finally, wood countertops can also be a gorgeous way to update your kitchen, serving as both a functional and eye-appealing surface area. These counters can be made from a number of wood varieties, including maple, oak and cherry.

DIY vs. Hiring a Professional

If you want to update your countertop by resurfacing the one you already have, then you may want to consider painting it – or using ceramic tiles to change the overall look.

However, if you prefer to enlist the advice and help of a professional, it’s important to choose the right kitchen remodeling company because selecting the wrong one can lead to wasting precious time and money, suffering extreme frustration and having a terrible overall experience. Republic West Remodeling can help with any type of kitchen design in Phoenix. Contact us today for details.

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