Take Your Kitchen From Drab to Fab

Take Your Kitchen From Drab to FabThe kitchen is the heart of every home. It’s where you and your family gather for breakfast each morning and for dinner each night.

It’s also a major selling point with potential home buyers. That’s why remodeling your kitchen is both a smart idea and great investment.

Not surprisingly, at least one-third of homeowners, according to recent statistics, report that their kitchens are most in need of a change or refresh. And while many of us daydream about gutting our kitchens, if that is not an option, it is actually possible to have a kitchen you can be proud of by making a couple of key updates:


If you are like many homeowners, you may not be too fond of your kitchen cabinets. Maybe they’re worn out. Maybe they are broken. Or, maybe they’re just an eyesore. Whatever the case may be, updating your cabinets can have a huge impact on your kitchen’s look and resale value.

Once you decide to update your cabinets, the next question is: do you need to reface them, replace them or simply paint them? In many cases, the answers depend on your budget.


If you are generally unhappy with the look of your kitchen, there’s a possibility your countertops are partially to blame.

To make them more appealing, one option is to replace them. While this an often expensive option, it’s also one that will have the biggest impact on the value and overall look of the kitchen.

If you happen to have laminate counters, another option is to resurface them. Much less expensive, resurfacing your counters is a labor-intensive, yet more affordable option that can help take your kitchen from drab to fab without breaking the bank.

As a leading kitchen remodeling company, we at Republic West Remodeling believe that a kitchen remodeling project is a chance to give the heart of your home a whole new look. Contact us today for more information about your kitchen design options in Phoenix.

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