Outdoor Kitchen Options

Outdoor Kitchen OptionsHave you been stumped about how to start designing your dream outdoor kitchen?

When creating an outdoor kitchen, the options are endless in terms of style and design.

Here are several tips to guide you and get you cooking outside today. Learn how to incorporate not only a grill, but also other outdoor kitchen must-haves, like a sink, refrigerator and more.

It’s All About That Grill
The main star of most outdoor kitchens is the grill; the place where you should primarily focus your budget and energy. After all, once you have chosen the perfect BBQ, all the other components will be based around its placement and design.

While a high-end gas grill may be the most expensive approach, it will likely offer the most flexibility in how you want to use your outdoor kitchen.

In certain cases, some homeowners prefer a traditional coal grill for the smoky flavor it gives foods, and others lean toward the ambiance of an open flame or fire pit, although limiting in terms of its cooking abilities.

Other Components
As with any kitchen, inside or outside, the components you choose to add will impact the cost of the kitchen.

Here are some questions to consider:

Do you want countertops in your outdoor kitchen?

Remember, even if the area is covered, your outdoor kitchen will get more exposure to heat, sun, moisture and cold. While outdoor tiles or stainless steel may be more expensive, they have proven they can stand the test of time in an outdoor kitchen much better than less sturdy materials.

Do you need extra storage?

If so, you may want to install cabinets or other shelving. Once again, keep in mind that outdoor elements can be harsh – choose durable materials like stainless steel or woods that hold up well against moisture.

Finally, if you choose to have a refrigerator, most homeowners opt for a small under-the-counter version. And because an outdoor kitchen is as much about atmosphere as it is function, a larger refrigerator can sometimes be an eyesore. Consider a small, stainless steel version for drinks or food instead.

Kitchen Installation
Depending on what components you decide to incorporate into your design, you may need to add additional electric, gas and water lines to service your new outdoor kitchen. Note: this can add substantially to the price of the overall installation, but is well worth it in the end.

Among the many great things about living in Arizona is the wonderful climate and beautiful views that surround us. At Republic West Remodeling, we believe that outdoor living spaces and kitchens can give you the perfect way to enjoy this unique environment to the fullest. Contact us today for information about your Scottsdale kitchen remodel – indoors or outdoors!

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